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Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood has my attention for only two reasons. Cate Blanchet and Russell Crowe.

But yet another Robin Hood Trailer has hit the net attempting to sway my opinion.

I can’t help but draw some comparisons to Gladiator after seeing this trailer.

The plot has been streamlined to a more traditional tale, yet expanded into an epic war to overthrow an unjust King. It really does look amazing, but so did Gladiator.

I hope that’s just the trailer.

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16 thoughts on “New Robin Hood Trailer Online

  1. i dont think crowe is the right robin hood for the new film.
    we have gone through many alternatives but want to know what other people think. who else would make a good robin hood?

  2. Show me somethin’ else….Just Sayin’

    How many of these can one dude endure?

    Crowe is great , Ridley is Ridley, just feels done to death.

    of course thats just one dude’s opinion.(everybodys got one)



  3. This will be a hit.

    Its an epic tale, and shares the basic plot with *many* epic tales, but thats has nothing to do with the fact that will rock indeed :-)

    Now we just need a good King Arthur movie, please Ridley.

  4. The PG-13 rating surprised me. I thought it would get R.

    Ridley Scott is an incredible director (Good Year doesn’t exist, Good Year doesn’t exist)and this looks like it’s shaping up to be incredible.

  5. “It really does look amazing, but so did Gladiator.”

    What did you think of Gladiator?

    The way that statement is worded makes me think you didn’t like Gladiator, but you didn’t come out and say it. If you said used Catwoman, you wouldn’t need to come out and say it because the general perception of Catwoman is negative. Gladiator on the other hand has a 77 percent positive rating on rotten tomatoes and it won Russell Crowe a Oscar.

    1. I loved Gladiator. But I have already seen that story play out and this is looking visually a LOT like Gladiator, almost scene for scene in spots.

      Its just like Green Zone (staring the same star, produced by the same people) looks like its a Bourne movie.

      This feels like he took Gladiator, changed his name to Robin and adjusted the script to be about undermining an unjust emporer, I mean King.

      I hope I am wrong.

      1. With respect I can’t honestly see where you’re getting any of this Rodney, especially the “scene for scene” part.

        Aside from the epic, violent feel…and with Russel Crow to boot, it looks almost nothing like Gladiator to me.

      2. The opening sequence is Robin being told of a revolutionary viewpoint on the leadership (Kings need their subjects) by which is a direct parallel to Gladiator where Marcus Aurelius informs Maximus that there needs to be a change of leadership. (While laying in bed, with Crowe at his bedside)

        The unfit King names Robin and outlaw – his father was slain for standing up for what the rightful king believes. The Emperor names Maximus a criminal – his family is slain.

        The Unfit King is trying to oust Richard (the rightful king). Commodus kills his own father who says he wont be Emperor.

        Robin loses his title and lands and becomes an outlaw. Emperor Commodus strips Maximus of his title and he becomes a slave gladiator.

        Robin earns the support of the people despite being an outlaw. Maximus becomes a fan favourite in the Gladiator ring despite being a slave.

        Cue epic battle that will turn the tide of power forever.

        Roll Credits.

        Yup… Nothing at all alike.

      3. Yeah but most of that is just what the story of Robin Hood IS, and you’re taking that and projecting it on the trailer and calling it same same.
        I don’t necessarily see all that. The story having a similar theme, and the movie feeling the same are two different things.

      4. I’ll overlook any similarities that are spoken of here. Really we are talking about Robin Hood, besides entitlement of land, country and revenge what does Ridley Scott have to work with?

        It’s not like he could make Robin Hood in outer space, or could he?

        I am excited to see this myself.

  6. Two of the best actors in Hollywood.

    And is that Marc Strong? Looks awesome

    BTW i thought Gladiator was pretty cool. I mean nothing epic but it was good

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