New Iron Man 2 Featurette has Thor Cameo?

A new featurette is online showing some of the behing the scenes stuff on the set of the upcoming Iron Man 2, and some sites are already suggesting that there is more to the featurette than just recycling some trailer footage and some confident words from the cast.

So aside from that staggering shot of Scarlett in that busty black top, rumour has it that there is a quick peek cameo of THOR in there. Apparently in the supermax prison for supers, we see a bearded guy getting his picture taken in a cell, and speculation suggests that might actually be the God of Thunder.

Now I don’t know that was Thor, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to think it was. He isn’t blond, doesnt look much like Hemsworth, but this is as clear a shot as we have of him.

Maybe just a desperate hope of someone saying “Look I saw it first!” and if that’s the case, I want to say I think it is more likely that it would be Hawkeye (who in the comics was first thought to be a theif that Widow hires to steal tech from Stark Enterprises and later joins the Avengers)

But Widow… wow.


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35 thoughts on “New Iron Man 2 Featurette has Thor Cameo?

  1. I have watched this and re-watched it. Out of focus background. I even paused it on the nose.

    Then I thought it could be Hawkeye. It makes sense. Rodney makes a good case. There was a point where I had a funny thought that it was neither Thor or Hawkeye, but rather a slightly de-powered Emil Blonsky. What a long shot. Then…I figured it out.

    It’s actually Whiplash getting his mug taken.

    1. Nah man, watch it again. They’re walking past the cell with the so-called “Thor” on their way to see Whiplash.

      As for whos in the cell… I’m not sure. The camera pauses there, which is kind of suspicious, but I’m not under any impression that this is a supermax facility for supers at all. I think the French just capture Whiplash after he screws up the race, and Tony wants to talk to him before he gets deported or something. It could be just an artistic pause for the scene change. We move on just as the bulb flashes.

      IF its anyone… IF… Its Hawkeye.

  2. On the Scarlett issue (acting)

    cant the same thing be said about Paltrow?

    really, lets get real.

    Beauty aside they both gots da skillz to pay the bills

  3. My biggest beef with these superhero sequel films is they go and put too many things in them! How many villians/supporting characters do we need to have in these things? Leave some fun for the 3rd, 4th, heck 5th? film!

    So now we’ve got War Machine, Black Widow, Whiplash, & NOW a POSSIBLE HAWKEYE?! Good Lord I’ve seen enough already. Sounds an awful lot like, Sandman, Green Goblin, & Venom to me. Man, I hope not but enough is enough!

    One good guy, one bad guy, ’nuff said!

    1. I disagree.
      Just because it hasn’t been done well yet, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. These are comic book characters we’re dealing with, and in that universe there’s hardly one good guy and one bad guy.

  4. The score on the first Iron Man film:

    Tony Stark: won. Iron Man: nothing.

    Whenever the movie was about Tony Stark being Tony Stark, it was a great entertainment. Every time he put on the suit it turned into another boring and cliche comic movie.

    The trailers for Iron Man 2 are ‘all comic-y’. I’m not very interested. Lightning whips… whatever.

  5. Scarlett looks to fit the bill by me. Outfit? other than a tight black viynl/leather what else do you need?

    Scarletts fine……in every sense of the word. (her tits look smaller though) But I’m not complaining

  6. I seriously wish Scarlett was NOT in this film.
    she is beautiful
    she is a great actress
    she is by NO MEANS, ( look, presence, physicality, build,…anything) Black Widow.
    Horrible casting,
    …but all the fan boys will drool and go ,..” Scarlett is sooooo hot..”
    Seriously,… the costume ,… everything about her screams “I am NOT Black Widow ”
    – but I gave up on people being cast for the correct roles long ago, so when they do get one right ( Robert D. )i can at least crack a smile and not throw my hands up in futility.

    1. I wouldn’t necessarily call Scarlett a great actress. If you are filming some indie film and its a quirky role, yea she is an adequate actress. She seems to shine in those quirky roles, I really dont know why they cast her for this role other than her well endowed chest.

      But I agree with you on your other comments! I am with you in that I still would have preferred an actual Russian born beauty for the role.

    2. Tony have you seen the film? Because so far all I have seen is pictures of her and she looks the part damn fine to me.

      Actual Russian? Because everyone else is playing something they actually are too right? Actors are always playing something they are not. Why would being Russian have anything to do with it.

      If she pulls off a convincing accent, does the action well, and has sex appeal (already got that) then I dont see how being born in Russia would have changed anything. There are actual Russian actresses that wont do this job as good as her.

      1. I’ll hold my judgement on her until I see her act the part. Personally, I think she will suck. I don’t personally think she is a great actress and I think most people overlook this because of her beauty.

        As far as wanting a Russian actress for the part, is it really to much to ask? Its not like Scarlett brings anything to the role. She isnt there for star power, she is there for looks alone. RDJ is the star power, when I go see IM2 it wont be the result of Scarlett joining the cast.

        That’s just my prerogative to think in this manner. I dont agree with you about adding Scarlett and I never will.

      2. I don’t really see the need for a Russian actress. Natasha shouldn’t have a thick Russian accent. Let’s not forget, she’s a spy that’s been trained to blend in. She’s probably spent as much time living outside of Russia as she has living there. I would imagine that her accent would be very light, almost undetectable. If anything, I’d think she’d be like a lot people where their accents are very light during normal situations, but get thicker and more pronounced when they’re angry or under duress.

  7. Wow i took 4ever before i was able to stop accurately on 1:17-1:18 where the snapshot shows clearly, but the guy does resemble more of hawkeye than Thor. (possibly hawkeyes been in jail awhile an donned longer haired).

    and Scarlett is omg amazing.

  8. ok i cant say what is what but i do know that the shot was intended to be seen and the way it slows down and shows that guy. It would seem that whoever that person is, its someone important to some extent.

  9. Why is it that eventually a “Dark Knight” reference must always come up in these kind of discussions?

    (I see the point) but F-Bats already….

    This is Ironman!

    Nuff Said

    1. Its very possible. This is all just fanboy speculation at this point.

      But before Hawkeye was reformed from a life of petty crime and misguided vigilantism, he was a rough and tumble mess. This could just be a “pre-Hawkeye” Clint. He’s looked rougher in the comics when he lets go.

  10. Actually if you blink you missed it!

    But the fuzzy image to me looks like Gambit (I know/I know) from that cheapie Wolverine flick.

    it’s probally nothin’ though.

    And YES Scarlett is always a knockout punch.

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