Warren Ellis’ Red Casting News

Warren Ellis, the comic book writer that brought us the only promising look at G.I Joe in the former of GI Joe Resolute shorts will have one of his graphic novel RED adpated to film.

JoBlo shares:

John C. Reilly and Mary Louise Parker have signed on co-star with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman in the upcoming action flick RED. Based on the Warren Ellis comic, the film will star Willis as a former black-ops agent who must deal with a younger crop of assassins who show up to kill him. Reilly will play a fellow former agent who is paranoid that everyone is trying to kill him. Parker will play Willis’ love interest, who becomes mixed up in the assassination attempts.

Warren Ellis is among my favourite comic writers so I have all faith in him, however I haven’t read Red yet.

But with Willis, Freeman and Parker, I really look forward to it. However I don’t always count John C Reilly as an instant win, but I am interested to see how he will fit into this.

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6 thoughts on “Warren Ellis’ Red Casting News

  1. Warren Ellis the same guy that writes music for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds??!? Or is this just a coincidence with the same name?

    1. For me Resolute was the new G.I. Joe film. While the one that came out in theaters was just a lame knock off, just like those lame G.I. Joe knock off toys you see in stores now and then. ;P

  2. Agree, GI Joe Resolute is cool, they have more darker tone feel, also I love the fact that in the cartoon/animation, finally you can hit someone and they actually die.

      1. Yup, Resolute was just awesome, one of the best things about ’09. How sad it just suddenly came like a blast of fresh air, only to disappear just as fast. Wishing that their would be more in the future, but who knows I guess.

        I totally didn’t know the guy who made RED also did the Resolute series, that’s badass. Now I want to read the comic book and really curios about the movie as well.

        But yes, awesome cast. I can see John C. Reilly playing a great overly paranoid dude. And as great a Willis was in Sin City for his first comic book movie, I think he’ll do great in this one. And even though Morgan Freeman is always just in supporting roles, he’s also always the greatest.

        Now how much the movie is going to be like the comic book remains to be seen, but still, a great cast indeed.

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