Director of Vacancy To Helm Predators?

There has been a lot of discussion going on about the upcoming reboot/remake/sequel of Predators (notice they added the “s” on the end… so we know it’s quality). A proverbial revolving door has been going on with the “who might direct it”, and a new name has emerged… Nimrod Antal.

For those of you who may not know (and that’s just about all of us), Nimrod Antal is the same man who directed Vacancy last year and directed the upcoming Matt Dillon flick Armored (which I actually think looks pretty solid).

The guys over at Latino Reviews give us this:

Robert Rodriguez is the producer on the PREDATORS movie so if negotiations just started, keep in mind like it has time after time this past year, “THAT PRODUCERS LIE”. My information comes from a super trusted source and Nimrod isn’t some name I pulled out of my ass.

Regardless of who ends up directing this flick, I’m still very apprehensive about it. I see it becoming nothing more than another AVP movie… just without the A. That’s a scary thought.

But who knows? Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” was the vastly superior half of “Gridhouse”, so maybe he’s got something cool in mind. I’ve got to wonder though…. why doesn’t Rodriguez just direct this himself?

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17 thoughts on “Director of Vacancy To Helm Predators?

  1. “I’ve got to wonder though…. why doesn’t Rodriguez just direct this himself?”

    i’m with you on this John :)

  2. “Regardless of who ends up directing this flick, I’m still very apprehensive about it. I see it becoming nothing more than another AVP movie”

    That doesn’t bother me b/c I enjoyed both AVP films.

  3. Vacancy was crap…sorry but who in their right mind cast Luke Wilson in that role? He was horrible…completely didn’t believe in his characters relationship with his ‘soon-to-be-ex-wife’

  4. I don’t see the point in “rebooting” the franchise. Each sequel to Predator (including the AVP films) were pretty much self-contained reboots anyway.

    Predator is one of my favorite films so I’ll keep an eye on the new “Predators” but I’m still aprehensive.

  5. I didn’t think I would like it- but Vacancy glued me. I liked it enough to rent Kontroll. I didn’t know he directed the upcoming heist flick Armored, which, now that I know, increased my chances of seeing it next fall.

    What I don’t get, nor ever, ever will is that while it is clear Nimrod is a talented guy, it alarms me that some folks seem to not want to give him a chance…when he is already seasoned. Hey folks, before he directed Predator John McTernian’s first flick was Nomads. What was Stephen Hopkins film before Predator 2? Elm Street 5.

    Bitch somewhere else.

  6. Like Don said, Kontroll is a really good movie. Don’t dis the guy just because you haven’t heard much about him. I personally welcome new blood to the current directorial pool. I wish there was more of it just like I wish there were more big name movies without the same bloody stars over and over again.

  7. Nimrod is a hungarian director. You guys should watch his first movie called KONTROLL.

    Vacancy was pretty solid but you could see shades of studio interference.

    Armored doesn’t look good to me though.

    But I think the guy has some talent and with Rodriguez on producer chair I am hoping for a solid Predator movie.

  8. Why a New Predator ? We had the 2 movies + 2 bag of crap movies with a stupid alien in it. Just stop and try to make something original.

  9. Vacancy was by no means a great movie, but it had a lot of promise especially in the first half it’s really let down by the rushed ending though, but all in all I’d say this wasn’t a terrible choice.

  10. Thats a very good question John. Why doesnt he?? I wondered about that too… I mean he wrote the Script he knows the best what he has in mind, the look, the mood, the atmosphere. Wish he would do that himself ;-)

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