Rumours Place Anton Yelchin as Green Lantern

Just as we get the 2 year tentpole lineup from the Brothers Warner, the obvious oversight was a Green Lantern movie. Well word has it that they are still working on making that happen, but its just not yet. Now wild speculation and rumour hit the net with a large dose of doubt on it. Apparently Anton Yelchin is being rumoured as the Green Lantern.

ScreenRant offers:

Just when the Green Lantern movie was starting to sound cool – epic script and Martin Campbell as director, comes a rumor that is NOT good news. It seems that for some bizarre reason, Warner Bros. wants to go “young” on the Green Lantern movie. The word from Latino Review is that one actor being considered to wear the emerald and black tights is:

Anton Yelchin.

Among the reasons I think this guy would be completely wrong for the role are pretty much the same reasons that had that Teen Titans of a Justice League movie shoved back in the can, never to be opened again.

They already struggled with the idea of a cast of 20 somethings as the Justice League, and in due time (and violent slaps to the melon) WB pulled the plug on the idea. So why would they revisit this angle with Green Lantern? Why not just piss in their own cornflakes and let Jack Black back as Hal Jordan and make the thing a goofball underdog comedy?

Now I have nothing against the actor. I actually enjoyed Charlie Bartlett, and he is no stranger to iconic roles playing the young Chekov in the upcoming Star Trek as well as Kyle Reese, the man who would sire John Connor in Terminator Salvation. My issue here is this guy who turns 20 next week playing a seasoned Air Force Test Pilot?

My only reaction is that if they are going with this guy (or someone similarly aged) are they altering the Hal Jordan resume? Will they be changing something about the character’s past that will allow for a younger actor to play Hal? Maybe he will play a younger Hal in flashbacks – oh please let that be it!

Hal Jordan’s occupation as a Test Pilot was largely that he was fearless. Abin Sur (the previous Lantern) crashes on Earth and predicting his demise tells the ring to find someone who is pure of heart and born without fear. Thus the ring CHOSE the noble honest and fearless test pilot as his new master. Removing the idea that the ring chooses its wearer alters a core element of the character and much of the moral conflicts he will face.

I do hope this rumour turns out wrong, or at very least somewhat inaccurate. I really look forward to a Green Lantern film but I want a believable guy to be the Guardian of sector 2814.

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