Beckinsale in Underworld Rise of the Lycans

With Rhona Mitra taking over as the gothy lustkitten focus of the upcoming Underworld Rise of the Lycans, people were wondering if we would ever see Beckinsale as Selene again. And it appears as if Beckinsale will actually be in the movie as well, but not like we had hoped. says:

the threequel will open and close with Selene (as played by Kate Beckinsale). When asked if it was new footage, we were told it was a scene from Len Wiseman’s 2003 Underworld that will be used to bookend this prequel.

I think it is a good idea to touch on Selene as she was so critical in the first two movies, that it just seems cheap to discard her character so easily. But they will present Selene in short bits at the beginning and end of the film to tie it all together.

This will be taken from previously recorded clips, so Beckinsale didn’t actually report to the set, but will be included in some form.

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15 thoughts on “Beckinsale in Underworld Rise of the Lycans

  1. I know my question sounds stupid, but even if her character wasn’t around yet, seems like they’d try to fit her in a little more than what she was. I guess they did what they could. I did think Rhona was hot though, she did a good job… they needed someone to be the “eye candy” for the movie & she did it very well! I was as disappointed as everyone when I found out she wasn’t going to be in the movie. They tricked me though, the previews I saw had Kate in them… :(

    1. Its not an issue of “even if her character wasn’t around yet”

      Her character wasn’t BORN yet at the time this movie takes place.

      How can you hope that they would do more with Beckinsale. The previews you saw had Rhona in them. She is dressed very similar to how Beckinsale dresses in the previous films. The only footage of Kate in this movie was stock footage from the other movies which were not in the trailers.

  2. So does anyone know why Kate Beckinsale didn’t do the movie? Just was wondering why she didn’t take part more in this movie? Was it the director’s choice, was there not enough money for her, not enough for her character to do in the movie or something?? I really am curious if anyone knows? Thanks so much!

  3. Well considering this storyline takes place before Selene was around, it would make sense that Beckinsale wouldn’t be in it.

    I think as much as I would like to see her kickass in that outfit again, her storyline ran its course.

  4. I really hate the idea of removing Kate Beckinsale as the main character. She was the main reason i watched these movies and many of my friends agree 100%. She was excellent at her part as well. I will still watch this movie but i doubt i will like it anywhere close as the last two.

  5. Yea Kate!
    I really wanted to hate these movies, I avoided them in the theater.. they looked really bad to me. Anyway very surprised at how much I really liked both of the movies, but, I remember reading not too long ago that Evolution didn’t make enough to warrant another sequel. Guess that wasn’t true, I’m glad to see this happening. Looks like it’s all about Bill Nighy and as much as I love him as an actor, I’m pretty sure he won’t look as good in vinal.

  6. Likely, she was already paid to film that part, and that makes it their property to do with as they please.

    She probably gets nothing out of the appearance since she was already paid for it under a different contract (for the previous movies)

    But it is possible that if her contract included it she might get a royalty much like when the movie is replayed on TV etc.

  7. I know nothing about how the movie industry works, so forgive me if this is an ignorant question.

    What does this move mean in terms of any compensation due to Beckinsale? Is she owed anything for using her likeness? What about her contract for the 2003 movie? Does that contract extend to usage of scenes from that movie in other movies? I know I have heard of some sort of “point” system in actor contracts – would that apply somehow? I am just curious how this would work. Any ideas?

  8. Well, according to the chronology of this series as laid out in the first film, there is no possible way for a lesbo scene with these two. Selene doesn’t show up until Sonya, Mitra’s character, is dead. Sorry guys!

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