Russell Brand In Talks For Pirates Of The Caribbean 4

Russell-BrandIt looks like Capt. Jack Sparrow may have a brother in Russell Brand! We get this glorious news thanks to the good people over at the movieweb:

Russell Brand may be hitting the high seas in a blockbuster franchise. According to The Daily Mail, Brand is close to inking a deal to appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. The site reveals that Brand is close to signing a deal to portray Jonathan Sparrow, brother of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. The deal is said to be upwards of 5 million pounds (almost $8 million US).

I wasn’t a fan of the POTC films….but this here is news that’s fanned the flames of my excitement. Brand is like Jack Sparrow 24/7. He was standing around the premier of Forgetting Sarah Marshall at SXSW last year and I can tell you by my own account that this man looks like a Glam Metal pirate. He is a perfect fit as the brother of Jack Sparrow and I hope this news turns out to be true.

This news has made a cheerleader out of me. International friends what do you think of this?

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38 thoughts on “Russell Brand In Talks For Pirates Of The Caribbean 4

  1. i think brand will make a well gd pirateif he is in it i cnt wait 2 c it i lyk POTC anyway but i will lyk it evn more if russ is in it!

  2. OH YEAH AND BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ITS RUMOURZ PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yup it is true that he is going to be Jack’s brother!! =D
    I love them both and I’m soooo happy that Russell is goin to be in it!!
    I heard it on the news…..and BTW leave Russell alone about the prank call to that guy from fawlty towers! The guy said he forgave him and yet the media made a big deal out of it! People these days can’t take a joke!
    Aw can’t wait for the next POTC movie!!!!
    Era I’m not pushed that Liz and Will are not gonna be in the next one……i did like them but ya know how are they gonna move on? There is no point of Liz going on the big adventurous trips with her son!!
    It wouldnt make any sense! And Will can only come in a scene….EVERY TEN YEARS!!!!! Unless they are going to make the movie drag on and cover 10 years just to get Will a scene…..i don’t think so…and a whole movie just for jack…..HEAVEN!!!!
    Can’t wait 4 it!! =D=D=D=D=D <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  4. i love russell brand

    i really hope he does it,

    and about the prank call, it was a fucking joke, and it wasnt his fault, it was jonathons fault, he said it not russell,

    and the reason why the producer, nik didnt cut it out is because he is really good friends with russell, if you read my booky wook you should know (amazing book).

    i am going to see russell when he does his uk stand up tour, and i cant wait because he is my favourite comedian and he is fit!

    i love russell.

  5. firstly lets get his name right! RUSSELL BRAND
    secondly people need to get over the phone call
    ONE it wasnt live which i saw in a comment above TWAT
    it was pre-recorded so it was the producers fault for not cutting it out
    also there was only a handfull of complaints before it was all over the news. how can people be offended by it….it wasnt aimed that them
    just goes to show people will jump on the band wagon.
    has anyone ever watched fonejacker its exactly the same.
    cant say anything these days wtf is happening to this country
    wheres the freedom of speach!!
    also people who judge russell before they have even given him a chance! anyone who has ever read his book will know that he is extreamly clever and has had to fight for where he is now.
    people who hate him are just jealous at the fact that woman love him!!
    the guy is a legend jsut because he likes to be different and has a different view on life then other people they just dont like that. who gives them the right to judge him!! get over yourselfs

  6. Woah every1 h8s russel brand on here dont they, i love russel brand and the whole thing with the prank calls blown way out of porpotion!! so wat he told sum old actor that he had sex with his granddaughter, well it was ross that actually said that but the bloke shouldve answerd his phone and should b able 2 take a joke!!!

    anyway as for potc4 i think he would make a good brother of jack sparrow cuz they r gonna need sum1 in it if will and elizabeth aint in it no more!! and he is quite funny any1 c st trinians and forgettin sarah marshall??? he was good in them nd he is a trained actor just l ike any of ure american actors!!!! so i thinks every1 should lighten up and give him another chance evry1 makes mistakes right??

  7. Simply put, if this guy is one of the main characters (or stars in it at all) I wont go to see Pirates 4. This despite loving the franchise!!

    I’ve never liked the guys humour or him personally, but I actually tried to watch his show on channel 4 the other night to give him a chance.

    Some show about tv scenes or some nonense.

    I lasted 2 minutes, before his moronic smile and pathetic humour (that was only being filled by fake laughter from young girls who fancy him in the audience) before I had to change the channel.

    The guy isnt funny, cannot act and all he ever talks about is himself and his entire act and sketchs are based around him smiling, playing with his hair and flirting with the camera.

    I find it really, really sad if this rumour is true because it just shows that film companies like WB will employ people purely because they have “a funny british accent” and because apparently MY age group loves them.

    Ive honesly tried to watch this guy when he does comedy and ive given him a shot, but I just CANT stand him and im not an old proon. I like alternative humour which he ATTEMPTS to be, but he just fails EVERY time.

    Hes only popular because the girls fancy him because hes apparently a bad boy (although I expect hed cry in the corner if someone actually went for him), and the guys only like him because they want to mimic him to impress their g/fs.

    Its pathetic how many guys you see walking around newcastle dressed like him in tight jeans, huge hair, scarfs and tshits just to try and look cool.

  8. This is great news. Dump those two women, Knightley and Bloom, and bring in Brand. Russell Brand is freaking awesome and seeing him and Depp togeather would get my ass into a theater.

  9. This is good news. I am already a ‘fan’ of Pirates of Carribean, or actually, I am a fan of Johnny Depp in his role of Captain Jack Sparrow. I think this could actually work, and to be quite honest, I would like to see Brand playing a bigger and more important role than Keith Richards played as Jack’s father.

    On the other hand, regarding the news I heard about Efron being on this, it would REALLY spoil EVERYTHING. I am very sorry, but a cast which consisted of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush and Bill Nighy really does not or better yet, CANNOT, have a young and premature actor like Zac Efron. He still has to go a lot to diserve a role in a movie like this. I really hope Disney does NOT drag him into this, and if I knew a little bit about Depp, I doubt he would think it would be a good idea aswell.

  10. I have never seen Brand before “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, but I thought he was pretty funny. I also think he would probably play the role of Jack Sparrow’s brother pretty well. He seems to have the same characteristics as him already. He looks kind of drunk and clumsy, but also graceful at the same time. (If that makes sense)

  11. If this is true…. I think it’s ridiculous. The next Pirates doesn’t need TWO Jack Sparrow types. What I want from the next film is Sparrow and Barbossa at odds, pillaging, drinking and philandering.

    I’m on the fence about Brand, he amuses me, but I think he could get tiresome if over exposed.

  12. @Michael

    Are you saying mine is harsh? Sorry man…but the truth is the truth, and it can be harsh.

    Pirates 4 is FUCKED

  13. Now that was just pure logic from my perspective.
    Russel Brand more or less is a real life Jack Sparrow, the man behaves like that character 24/7.
    He is quite funny, very articulate and witty and doesn’t mind a bit of controversy here or there. So that makes me like him.

    However people, keep in mind that it’s the Daily Mail who brought up this story. They basically make up half of their news, so they probably just went through the same thought process: “Hey that Brand guy looks like Johnny Depp in Pirates, maybe he could be in the next film.” There’s probably no more substance to it than that.

  14. FUCK NO.

    When will these people learn, your best characters are Jack and Barbossa. Center it on THEM. Do not bring in a bunch of wackjobs that will simply mug for the camera.

  15. Hes a bit too everywhere in the UK, at least he was. It seemed he could do no wrong, but after prank calling Manuel from Fawlty Towers on live radio, a storm in a teacup occured, the daily mail kicked up a fuss and he ended up resigning from the BBC, so I supposed hollywood is the future for him.

    Honestly his prank call was a bigger headline than presidential elections and global economy.

  16. I am so about this. Brand was my favourite part of Sarah Marshall (which is saying a lot considering my love for both Bell and Segel) and his role in that film sounds almost inspired as a “Jack Sparrow the Rockstar” type.

    So Jack Sparrow’s brother? Awesome.

  17. He was brilliant (as they say) in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I think he’s pretty funny when he has good material. I didn’t think he went over very well at the VMA’s but that’s alright. Kudos to Brand.

  18. The Daily Mail is a British tabloid who made this story up because Russell Brand recently created some controversy and resigned from his radio show in the UK.

    This is all bull.

  19. ^ that was a bit harsh

    not a fan of either but brand is in dire need of a career booster ( look up the prank phone calls/ losing his job incident), god knows some girl is going to drag me along to the fourth installment

  20. First Efron, now that british faggot.Pirates 4 is fucked, my friends. Fucked like a raped child.

    Remember Nov. the 5th

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