Hoffman Confirms He Is NOT The Penguin

Hoffman-Not-Penguin.jpgOk, can we now put this whole “Depp and Riddler and Hoffman as Penguin” rumor to bed now? As many of you know there have been whispers that Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Johnny Depp would be joining the cast of the next Batman movie as the Penguin and Riddler respectively. The fire was fueled even more when Michael Caine said that a WB exec suggested the names.

I said from the beginning this was bullshit

Now it seems Mr. Hoffman himself is claiming there is nothing to these rumors at all. Our friends over at IESB give us this quote from a recent statement by Hoffman:

“No one has talked to me about it ever — never,” replied Hoffman. “It happened, like, five years ago, too. It was a rumor back then and it’s still a rumor. [laughs] It’s just in the press. It’s funny.”

There, done, finished, complete. Let it go. It’s not true (at least not this year). The funniest thing about this, is that there are going to be some people out there who will still hold out to Depp being the Riddler because Hoffman didn’t say anything about him in his statement. Oh well… what can you do.

I’ve always said that I certainly don’t mind the idea of Depp as Riddler or Hoffman as Penguin at all… but let’s use some common sense. Christopher Nolan hasn’t even signed on for the next Batman film yet let alone wrote a single page of the script. No one knows who the bad guys will even be let alone who will play them. Let’s worry about casting issues and rumors next year.

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15 thoughts on “Hoffman Confirms He Is NOT The Penguin

  1. I think Danny Devito should reprise his role as the penguin. He was scary as hell to me in Batman Returns. And what the hell was that black shit coming out of his mouth? And Jack Nicholson will allways be the best Joker to me. I dont care how great Heath Ledger was. I also think Angelina Jolie would make one hell of a sexy Catwoman.

  2. I want to see rogues we haven’t seen on screen before. We already have live-action versions of Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman.

    There’s plenty villains who won’t make the cut into Nolan’s real world, like Man-Bat or Clayface, but there’s still some really interesting characters to pick from. Lets see some Black Mask, Ventriloquist & Scareface, Prof Hugo Strange, or even an expanded role for Mr. Zsasz who popped up in “Begins.”

  3. WHY do people want the penguin when deathstroke and riddler are out there?

    are people insane?

    its like the antman and scarlet which rumors…while hawkeye and moonknight get nothing

    peopel have forgotten the difference between fucking lame and bad-ass

  4. People need to chill about the next batman movie its going to happen but not for aleast 4 or 5 years Christopher Nolan has not singed on there is no scrip and i think he is going to take a brake from batman and go and do some other movie i know he has a movie with univiserl that i think woud be great and probley a few other move let him want to come back to batman 3

  5. Some people as in who? 10-year-olds who don’t know any better?

    I don’t think anyone actually connected to this business ever thought this was really gonna happen, especially when Caine was obviously getting his info from the internet.

    Regarding common sense — and I’ve been saying this in multiple areas now — can we just can the “Chris Nolan hasn’t signed on for a third film” horseshit? You don’t map out a trilogy without the full intention of following through on it. Just because he’s got WB by the short and curlies and is moving at his own pace doesn’t give much of a pass to keep pounding that in. And yeah, people know who the next villains will be. Their names are Goyer, Nolan and Nolan.

  6. I posted a link to a blog where I posted images to support my opinions in the comments for the last headline about this but like to hear it, here it goes…

    Talia Al Ghul = Paz Vega
    Mickey Rourke = Harvey Bullock
    David Tennant = The Mad Hatter
    Casey Affleck = The Riddler
    Leonardo DiCaprio = The Penguin

    It sounds crazy, but trust me, it would work.

    Also, no, Penguin doesn’t need to be fat. Burgess Meredith wasn’t exactly fat when he played him either. In fact, his short, fat appearance only fuels the “cartoon character” idea Nolan rejects.

    It’s just like how The Joker doesn’t actually need to be stained white face. The Penguin doesn’t need to be short and fat.

  7. F nolan, i want judd apatow to do the next batman movie. and i want skeletor to be the baddie or cobra commander. k, with all seriousness, i was joking. stallone should be the penquin, he can put on a few pounds no problem, remember copland?

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