Dark Knight Sequel Poster

MoviesOnline lead us to this wonderful poster for a proposed sequel to the Dark Knight.

This poster IS viral marketing at its best. Creative and fun – hints without spoiling and gets you excited. You will tell all your friends about this poster.

And how do I know its good viral? It’s not real. This is not a studio ploy to feed us ad after ad for this film and calling it “viral”. It is a fan made poster and I tip my hat to whoever it is out there who put this out. Word is all over the net saying it was a teaser for the next film (fan speculation says Riddler is a logical step for the next film) and this is as professional looking and well thought out as any studio exec could hope for.

Hell, just throw some money at the genius that put this gem together and start writing the script now. I’m in!

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43 thoughts on “Dark Knight Sequel Poster

  1. Both of the movies in this batman series (Batman Begins, Dark Knight) had very set (and sometimes purposely obvious) themes.

    Batman Begins was about fear and overcoming fear and thus had Raz al-gul who taught him to face his fears, and Scarecrow who used fear against others.

    Dark Knight was about order vs chaos, with Joker being all about chaos, and Two-face being the lawful “White Knight” corrupted by chaos, and Batman had to find a gray line.

    The next one will likely have a theme to this regard, possibly about redemption or not becoming what you fight or some cliche like that. Bane would be a good choice because he represents losing one’s self, and Riddler makes sense because he could be a detective that slowly becomes driven mad and loses himself while trying to get Batman. (wow that was a longer post than I thought it would be, sorry lol)

  2. :) I like the poster because it’s great! But I’m not sure if I want the riddler in the next movie because he is a bit too much like Joker (as Alan Foreman pointed out). I don’t want the Penguin because I don’t think they can make him better than the one in Batman Returns. It would also be hard to make a better Catwoman. It would be nice to use a good villain that has never been in the movies. I don’t know all of Batman’s enemies but there must be someone or they could come up with a brand new villain! That would be a first for a comic book-movie. Or? I wonder if they will cast Robin in the movie.

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    Many people started talking and saying that the Riddler will be the next villain to appear in the next Batman movie, I even heard that they are planning to get Johnny Depp for the role. But the truth is that i don’t really care, I just know that whoever they choose has to make a extraordinary job because the last Batman movie, in my opinion, was the best one so far. It’s set the bar really high if you ask me.


  4. There is so much you can make an amazing poster for Batman next Sequel, that’s what’s good about Batman Franchise, it’s about vision and puzzles and definition of Dark and Creep, not violence and action,
    It’s Ideas and everythign put together, that’s waht Made Batman always Batman, If you look at Dark Knight again, the script is pretty bare, but with all the twist and jokes, made Batman a unique movie again….

    I think Dark Knight has a lesson for all hollywood to learn, from all different presepect view…

  5. Two Face dead????

    the whole movie is about dent becoming two face, its the jokers ace card (no pun intended) to create chaos. I didnt take the ending to mean he is dead after all, batman survived the fall.

    I believe he is signed to do another movie.

    I dont think he is dead. I see Two Face as the main villain of the next movie

  6. I like the poster but i hope riddler isnt in the next one hes too much like Joker a mad guy who laughs alot and does smey things now Penguine would be best pick i say anyway and if you have anyone to play Riddler id say Johnny Deep only prob then is youll get stupid brain dead girls going to see it just for him and not the fact that they know shit about Batman.

  7. i think this is one of the best fan posters i’ve seen. it would be cool if Riddler is the villain in the sequel, but so is Bane. well whatever it is NEVER cram 3 villains in one movie, thats all im sayin :P

  8. oh manderinorange the solution to the dent problem was solved at the end of the dark knight WHEN HE DIED!!!

    dent/two face is dead guys. accept it and move on. its kind of the what makes the film. Its a tragedy. not an enlongated origin tale. it was his tale. with a beginning, middle and tragic end.

  9. Something makes me think that with everyone assuming the riddler will be next that the nolans will go with someone completely unexpected….Like Solomon Grundy (born on a monday)

    I doubt it will be grundy but I have a feeling they will surprise us all.

    As long as its not hush….ugh.

    I am with campea….doing bane properly would be good. But leave out all that azreal jean paul bullshit….

  10. @Gordon “I wonder if Jim Carrey would make a good Riddler?”

    I do hope you are kidding right?

    You know Carrey played a cheesey riddler in the Batman with ValKilmer right?

    Please tell me you knew that.

  11. Actually I guess Catwoman is out of the picture for now. I guess David S. Goyer doesn’t want to have her in the films. I guess I should keep closer tabs on what goes on.

  12. !!!Warning contains Dark Knight spoilers!!! (like those who care haven’t seen it already)

    I am not sure if the riddler will be the next villein. Since Rachel is dead the spot for Bruce Wayne’s/Batman’s girlfriend is open so it would seem logical to at least introduce Catwoman. They could introduce her not even as Catwoman at this point and have Ridder take up the role as the main villein. To parallel with TDK Catwoman would be Two Face and Riddler would be the Joker The only question then is what about Dent/Two Face? With three villeins out it starts to sound a lot like Spiderman 3.

  13. love it…..for a movie poster, fan made or not its fantastic….a nice teaser to another batman and nice foreshadow to the riddler….nice newspaper cut outs and tattoos on the hands are a nice touch…

  14. @Leeloo, “so all batman loonies cut up and scribble up the local newspaper?”

    The Riddler’s staple was to present his riddles with chopped up letters from magazines or newspapers so I think this is very appropriate.

  15. This has been floating around the net for a couple of days now. I’m surprised it took themovieblog this long to post it. I think it is a perfect poster and for all anybody knows this could be a deliberate plant by WB to get us salivating early. I will probably write in to UNCUT tonight about this. Thanks for posting it John!

  16. im sorry but i have to disagree. this is the perfect time for the riddler. now that (SPOILER FOR TDK) the jokers gone, or appears to be so, the riddler is perfect

  17. i mean for fan made wow!!!!!! incredible, this gets me pumped, even though they probably havent even started production. the dark knight was phenomanal, so this clearly has got something to live up to. johnny depp, i can see as the riddler

  18. hahaha AB way to state the obvious hahaha but ya to me it looks like a wonderful poster…even if it was done by a seasoned vet….gratz on the artist who made it…i like a lot!

  19. I totally agree. I’m really impressed at the quality of the poster and yet it clearly hasn’t taken that long to put together (because the movie hasn’t been out for a whole month).

    I wonder why it says 2011 though. I dont wanna wait that long;)

  20. For a fan-made poster, that’s pretty cool ^^ I like it and, whenever a third Batman is confirmed, the producers should use this as reference for their advertisements.

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