Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD Release November 11th

Mark November 11th as the day to go pick up your copy of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crytal Skull. Some people might not have liked it, but it will be good enough to cap out my collected works of Dr Jones.

MovieWeb says:

It seems we finally have a confirmed date on when to expect that adventurous paleontologist on DVD. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been set for a DVD release on November 11.

Sadly, we have no cover art, pricing or special features details at this time, but we’ll be sure to update this story as soon as more information comes in. Also, there has been no official word on a Blu-Ray release for this title.

Paleontologist? Indiana is an Archeologist! Paleontology studies dinosaurs. Anyways, the movie will be yours for the having in November.

I am a little surprised that they would put this out and NOT release a BluRay on the same day. Maybe with the lack of cover art or special features news they just don’t want to assume it will.

But Lucas has his fingers in this project and we know how much he loves to put out multiple versions of the same release. So much so that around here to “Lucas your DVD” has become a verb. Special edition BluRay and 2disc set out by Christmas? BluRay only available in the 8 disc Adventure Pak collectors edition with special cameo appearances by JarJar and ET? I wouldn’t put it past them.

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27 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD Release November 11th

  1. For me, the first Indy movie will always be the best–everything was perfect. #2 was fun but seemed to miss something, and #3, although also fun, seemed tainted by Lucas’s and Speilberg’s divorce proceedings at the time and the movie ended up with the female lead getting killed off due to her own greed and the men went riding off into the sunset. Was that Freudian or what?! But I still liked #4–fun for a guy the same age as Harrison Ford to see he could still kick butt. But frustrating in that it clearly referred to a number of adventures inbetween #3 and #4 that we never got to see. Maybe a CGI Indy could play those…? ;) I’ll buy the DVD!

  2. I heard you Deadbeat… Because Indiana Jones has always been about realism in its action sequences. This doesn’t compare at all to a runaway coal car fight on rails, or jumping out of an airplane with nothing but an inflatable dingy.


  3. It was a great movie, right up to the jungle chase where it fell apart spectacularly.

    I’d like to see it re-edited, to remove the stupid sword fight, the rubber tree bit, and Mutt swinging through the trees with those CGI monkeys.

    They are the bits that kill this movie.

  4. I cant wait till the dvd comes out!! I love Harrison Ford and Shia LeBouf both are incredibly sexy!! I cant wait I thought the movie was awesome!!

  5. I loved the movie. Sure, it’s not up to the standards of the original trilogy, but I thought it was a worthy follow-up well in the tradition of the previous three (though I must say, like everyone else, the ending lost me). When the DVD comes out, I’ll be all to eager to buy it and put it on the shelf next to the Adventure Pak of the original trilogy I just got for my birthday.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved this film, Hell, it’s my favorite in the series and I hope for more better than this, because they keep getting better and better!

  7. I loved the movie, and I can’t wait to buy it and watch it again! It seems like it took quite a long time for it to be released on DVD, because it was in theaters in May!! That’s 6 months!! Ah well, it was very worth the wait, and I hope Lucas and Co. make more fantastic movies! And to everyone saying that Ford was too old for the role, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

  8. I really enjoyed all of the Indiana Jones movies and plan on adding the Crystal Skull movie to my collection. I watched the first three when they came out on VHS and have them on DVD also. Harrison Ford is a good actor. As far as Blu ray, it costs too much and I won’t but one.

  9. Hey ed, if you read past the quoted caption above, you would see that I already clarified that quote.

    The Quoted portion of the post was not written by me. I called the error myself in the part of the post you didn’t read.

  10. one thing is.. He is an archeologist .. NOT a paleontologist ..
    thats all i got to say.. the top caption calls him a palientologist,
    but hes not.. unless he changed his um.. job description

  11. Lets look at how old Harrison Ford is. Lets look at the time period when the last movies left off. Lets look at the setting.

    The guy is like 60 years old, the last movies left off during WW2 and this one picks up during the cold war.

    Point: movies just don’t stay in one time period they have to advance. If it didnt advance then it wouldnt be as good and the previous 3. agreed it took him a while to come out with this one but look at george lucas and star wars. 20 years later and he comes out the episode 12 and 3.

    I liked the movie personally. :]

  12. Forque, I do hope that your comment is directed at the original article I quoted.

    I too called his bluff on the whole Palentologist thing in my response under the quoted section.

  13. And yet the Mammoth is considered prehistoric. You can call it what you want but the dictionary says they deal with prehistoric life forms.

    Now how they are going to explain the prehistoric fossil of a 5.8 million year old mammoth and mastodons and a 20th century musk ox in the same dig I don’t know

  14. I just got back from a dig with two paleontologists last week. We were excavating the remains of two mammoths with some mastodon and musk ox thrown in for good measure. No dinosaurs.

  15. Best Buy has an exclusive with a crystal skull. You can see it on their website.

    I can’t believe that Lucas isn’t releasing this on blue-ray…. oh wait, yes I can.

  16. I’m looking forward to it. I liked the movie enough…I hated the last 15 minutes or so…but enjoyed watching it.

    And this…many paleontologists don’t ever study dinosaurs.

  17. …doing my best to pretend it never happened. Please, anyone reading in a position to make a difference, don’t touch my beloved older franchises….that means you Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. If too much time has passed and you have lost the creative “spark” or you don’t even look like yourself anymore it time to move on.

  18. Took Lucas till 2003 to release Star Wars and Indy on DVD. I wouldn’t expect them to be released on Blu-Ray till Blu-Ray is near it’s end of life.

  19. Awesome… can’t wait until Nov 11 to buy an expensive drink coaster. There’s no chance i’ll ever sit through that horrible experience again. This movie will never sit next to the original trilogy in my collection.

  20. After Laserdisc Lucas won’t commit to any new format until it’s big enough. That’s why we won’t see a BD release of Indy or Star Wars for a while.

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