Takashi Miike + Takeshi Kitano = Bubba Filling His Pants

izo.jpgOkay, there’s next to nothing on the site so far and what’s there is in Japanese but this particular combination of talent has got me giddy with excitement. Japanese cult director Takashi Miike – Audition, Ichi the Killer – is just about to release Izo, a period samurai film starring Japanese cult actor / internationally renowned art house director Takeshi Kitano. Do I know anything beyond this? Nope. But the simple fact that these two men are involved has vaulted this film right up to the top of my current ‘to buy’ list. You can check out the website here.

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6 thoughts on “Takashi Miike + Takeshi Kitano = Bubba Filling His Pants

  1. I’ve just seen the movie. I had built great expectations about it, being a huge Miike and Kitano fan, but it was really disappointing.

  2. Detailed review here.

    Good review, but the man’s obviously not seen much Miike outside of the big name splatter films if his comment about this being Miike’s first shot at auteur seriousness are legit …

  3. I saw a brief blurb about this over at Chud… apparently, the movie’s full title is “Izo: The Crotch is an Incomprehensible Demon-Man”. Wow…

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