Disney Delays Studio Ghibli Releases

totoro.jpgIs Michael Eisner picking a fight with yet another of Disney’s major feeder studios? Could be. According to The Digital Bits Disney has just indefinitely delayed the DVD releases of Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Big deal, you say, it’s only a DVD release. Well, here’s the thing … when Disney went after Princess Mononoke Ghibli was only willing to deal with them on the condition that Disney release the entire Studio Ghibli library of films and that every release be complete and unedited. All Disney is allowed to do is translate and dub, and even in that case the original language tracks are still included. If they start messing with the Ghibli releases that could quite conceivably put their contract in jeopardy. Considering the last Ghibli film won Disney an Oscar they probably shouldn’t do that. And, of course, beyond the business considerations is the sheer nuisance of having to wait indefinitely for these … I’m no big fan of Porco Rosso but the other two films are sheer genius. Was watching Totoro with my son earlier this evening, actually …

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3 thoughts on “Disney Delays Studio Ghibli Releases

  1. Uh…. I just bought Totoro from the bargain bin at WalMart for $7 Canadian. Not kidding.

    But being a HUGE Naussica fan, I would love to see it again. (My DivX version is a bit blurry)

  2. Disney is slowly dying off, which I find to be really funny. Pixar is leaving them, and if it weren’t for Kingdom Hearts II and Ghibli’s movies… they would have nothing keeping them in the game. Ghibli should do something before disney decides to fuck up the voice actors. Personally I thought that some of the american voice actors in Mononoke Hime were down right crappy.

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