What Does DMX and Garfield Have in Common?

Well, the answer’s quite simple really – The Garfield Trailer and DMX’s movie “Never Die Alone” Trailer are both online – and both trailers are lame.

I’m somewhat cheering for Garfield because I’m a big Bill Murray fan, it’s just the trailer I’m having problems with.. Glimpses of hope, yes, enough to sell me a ticket — not yet.. View the Trailer

Whoever edited the trailer for “Never Die Alone” forgot to add in video footage, narration, visual titles or, hell, ANYTHING that told us… oh…. you know.. what the movie is… what’s that word.. ah yes, ABOUT. Some guy has a past. — That’s IT. No plot, no character names, no conflict – Nothing – It could be a violent Christmas movie for all I know. – whoever made it, is clearly hoping that every last person who owns a DMX album and sees the letters ‘DMX’ on a movie screen, will buy a ticket. Sadly, it’ll probably work. The trailer reminds me of the “close your eyes, I have a present for you” trick: Tempt the suckers willing to fall for the limited info you’re giving them, and then do something nasty to them while they aren’t looking. View the (sucky) Trailer

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