9 thoughts on “Finally!!! The Spiderman 2 Teaser Trailer!!

  1. O.K. HERB,
    your opinion sucks in my opinion,
    So here’s my suggestion, if you don’t watch spidey 2, who would care? cause even if don’t see it- it will still make more money in one day than you would make in your intire life. So when the movie hits this summer stay home and watch the joe shmo show that will probably be more real-a-listic 4 you.

  2. What the hell are you talkig about, saying if peter parkers gay! How old are you dogg? If you knew anything at all about spiderman and all the comics that were made about him,then you would know that he marry’s Mary J. in the future.
    So hit the C. Books dummy!!

  3. Okay, saw the trailer. Looks like crap. Doc Ock CGI looked terrible. Mary-Jane still throwing herself at Peter. Is He Gay? I think he has a thing for Norman.

  4. Havn’t checked out the new trailer yet, but I am not looking forward to spidey 2.

    Spidey 1 was in my opinion the worst film I saw in 2003. (I didn’t bother going to Cat in the Hat).

    Oh I did laugh my ass off and thought this would be the film Ed Wood would make if he had the budget, so overall a very Baaaad movie.

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