It’s just Jeol Kinnaman walking around the Robocop set in his suit…

Joel Kinnaman’s Robocop suit has caught the interest of the internets wide. Fuck that the guy’s costume is under a microscope thanks to comparisons to Christian Bale’s Batman costume. Too many people think it’s too different which I think is just absolutely silly. Did you guys really think that he was going to wear the 80’s costume? Have you seen what robots look like these days? Michael Bay knew better and japanime’d the hell outta those autobots and that franchise has made billions. To quote the great Jay-Z: “Fuck perception, go with what makes $en$e” and following that school of thought we have a few more shots of the suit for us to critique and see if this will make or break this reboot before it’s even finished.

Via: Latino Review

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