I really like this NEW image of Chuck Norris from The Expendables 2

Chuck Norris’ participation in the Expendables 2 has been met with mixed reactions. At first we were all happy about the announcement and were glad that more of our 80’s action stars were coming out to represent and then came news that he was affecting the MPAA rating of the film to petition for a PG-13 film and… well… that’s when the controversy started. Since that time we’ve heard that Sly Stallone had a change of heart and that the film will be released as an R-rated affair and since that time the uproar died down. Today we get a photos of the former fictional Texas Ranger doing what 80’s action stars practically trademarked: Walking away from a nice ass ‘splosion.

Yeah. That works. Keep that up and I’m sure we won’t have to worry about those pesky kids wanting to see this.

Source: MTV

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