Catwoman Clocked a Stuntman!

There’s really not a lot of info leaking off the set of the Dark Knight Rises. We know they’re filming, we know who’s cast, and we know some of the shooting locations. I have no clue about the story other than presumptions based off the info given, but today I can say that I also know that Anne Hathaway clocked someone with the butt of a gun. HARD.

Source: Digital Spy

“Anne got a bit carried away during a fight scene and mistakenly shoved the butt of the gun right into the actor’s eye socket,” a source explained. “He came away with a massive black eye – Anne was mortified.”

Hathaway is said to have offered an apology to the man by giving him a silver pen engraved with the words: “Remember no-one packs a punch like Anne”.

I didn’t think it was possible but I am now even more attracted to Anne Hathaway. I thought it was an impossible feat after watching her… performance in the film ‘Love and Other Drugs’, but the idea of this woman wearing tight leather while crushing eye sockets with the butt of a gun?! Call me deranged, but the bar has been raised my friends. reaaaaaaaal high.

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15 thoughts on “Catwoman Clocked a Stuntman!

  1. This post is just stupid… how the hell do you want me to pay attention to what you’re trying to say after seeing that picture at the top!!!

    1. I believe it is from the film “Havoc.” She’s an uptown girl who wants to be downtown, and gets involved in various illicit situations. Not a really great movie, but very fitting to this conversation. Kudos to Anthony for choosing it.

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