Here’s our first look at Bucky

Wow, I almost forgot about Captain America’s sidekick Bucky Barnes but thankfully we have the French and they didn’t forget because they’re providing us with our first look at everyone’s endearing sidekick and America’s future Hatchet-Man ‘Bucky Barnes’ (Sebastian Stan).

Via and Via Les Toiles Héroïques

And look at that! They were kind enough to include another shot of pre-skull Hugo and some Hydra soldiers. That’s a mighty blurry magazine scan of Bucky but let’s not avoid the obvious here: Dude is holding a rifle and ready to take someone out!

I’m curious to see what relationship Bucky will have with regard to working with Captain America in this movie. I’ve seen a few interpretations where he was high morale and chipper, and in other interpretations where he was a bit more snarky and also performing covert assassinations behind the good Captain’s back. I’m actually hoping that they’ll maintain the assassin route and he eventually becomes the Winter Soldier and really shakes things up.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s our first look at Bucky

  1. I was wondering when we’d see Ol’ buckey!

    Trailer now please guys! I’m hoping you guys will get it soon so we dont have to sit thru a crappy Footbal game to see a 30 second teaser.

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