Thor and Pirates 4 set Release Dates in Spidey’s Absence

You know when a buddy stops dating that hot girl with loose morals and you want to take a crack at it? Well that’s just like Hollywood. One person’s misfortune is another man’s gold mine, and they are not even shy about it.

Spider-Man got bumped and its May 5th timeslot got filled in a big hurry. Marvel moved Thor into its spot, which left Pirates picking up Thor’s empty seat on May 20th. Holy crap is that going to be a busy month.

FilmoFilia says:

One day after Sony delayed Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4’s production, “Thor” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides” have adjusted their release dates to take advantage of such valuable box office real estate, Box-Office Mojo reports.

“Thor” has moved in to “Spider-Man 4″ May 5th, 2011 slot and fourth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise has moved to Thor’s May 20th, 2011 spot.

So yeah, you have my permission to use that. When a guy swoops in on another guys girl before the “grieving period” is over, you can say “That’s so Hollywood”

You’re welcome.

It just makes good sense. Those other films took different weekends as not to try and compete with Spidey. But Spider-Man is getting delayed, so too bad for Spidey. Nothing personal Pete, its just business man.

Sony is still saying they want to release Spider-Man 4 on its original timeslot which could make for some shuffling again, but I doubt Pirates will give up their seat out of respect!

Thor could be the Musical Chairs loser of that month if Sony gets their shit together.

10 thoughts on “Thor and Pirates 4 set Release Dates in Spidey’s Absence

  1. Bring on the God of Thunder then Spidey 4

    Pirates can wait it out. the 3rd was enough for me.. I still like the 1st one best out of all anyways.. part 2 was Kraka-lackin as well.

    Lets hope they stay old school with Spidey this time around. no Mcfarlane characters or new green goblins.

  2. Would rather have a delayed but good Spidey than an on-time, rushed film. Keep your eye on the ball guys. There’s no reason a 4th or 5th in a series can’t be great (it just usually turns out that way!)

  3. Damn, way to kick a guy when he’s down, LOL.

    Well still, good news either way. We’ll now get to see Thor a couple weeks earlier and I am more then ok with that.

    Honestly, as much as I loved Spidey 1 and 2, for me part 3 was just ok. And now part 4 having all these problems and a good chance Sony will force Rami to screw it up as well, at this point I think I want to see Thor more then Spider-Man 4 anyways.

  4. I think if Spidey still happens, Sony should aim for July. Didn’t hurt Spider-Man 2. Or hold it until Thanksgiving/Christmas.

    In any case, Spidey dropped the ball, Thor picks up the tab. Geeks will still be satisfied.

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  6. Can’t wait to see what happens with all these cool movies :) :) :) badaboush!! colonel hans landa is da big boss!!!!

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