Anton Yelchin is NOT Green Lantern

Rumor was flying around in brightest day, in blackest night that the talented Anton Yelchin would be Green Lantern. No evil rumour shall escape my sight. And while I Let those who worship evil’s might spread this around, I had to hope it was just talk. Well Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light! Anton Yelchin himself denies he was even approached!

ScreenRant quotes Yelchin:

“I had no idea about that…I have no clue.” He continued, “I have no idea. I think I’m probably too young. I mean, no one has approached me. No one has said anything to me. I imagine I’m just too young. I mean, it’s a great character but i don’t know anything about it…I haven’t heard anything about it.”

I had nothing against the actor, and I am sure he would do fine in any role suitable for him, but I just didn’t see Green Lantern being that character.

And just like Yelchin offers, he is just too young for the iconic Air Force Test Pilot.

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29 thoughts on “Anton Yelchin is NOT Green Lantern

  1. The king of NY is glad that this rumor turned out to be false. This guy wasn’t gonna do the role justice, period. The people who think otherwise can disagree with me, as I don’t care.

    King out.

  2. Se7en has a 350M bo against a 30M budget.

    RE: Stories. Depending on who you ask, there are only 7 or 10 stories, and everything’s a variation thereof. Same for Blair Witch, same for Se7en, same for spiderman, etc.

    It’s in the execution. A lot of the super hero movies are spectacular productions, but sort of empty at heart.

    1. I read all your reasoning and I have to say its crap. Hollywood throws money at whatever will draw people into the theaters. If they really cared about scripts and stories they would develop new ideas and stop the 100 sequel carousel. It sounds like you need to expand your viewing beyond Hollywood movies. For every Hollywood movie I watch, I probably watch 3-4 Asian, French, or European movies. There are good movies out there you just have to go and find them and also have an open mind.

      I’ll say this once, if I am really in the mood to watch a well acted intense movie, I pop in a Classic Samurai movie! If you are relying on Hollywood for your fix, then hell may freeze over before hand.


  3. Well, I never said romantic comedies. I wasn’t picking something specifically. There are only so many dollars and (in my opinion) throwing them at comic book movies is a waste of money.

    But again, why? “Are you not entertained?” — no, I’m not. For a lot of reasons, I don’t go to the theater to see a movie. I see them all on DVD, so I’m 4 months after the buzz (or whatever). But when I do see them, they’re just sort of empty. More about spectacle than story.

    I just think that most of these comic book flicks are an attempt to pull you back to your (again, the collective you) childhood where everything was really really simple. So they don’t have to have a story, they just sort of have to hope that sometime in the past, you connected with the source material. And then we start this sort of cycle of movies (comic book movies, in this case) where they’re just tired, man. They’re tired and they don’t really say anything.

    I think there’s plenty of room for say, an Iron Man once in a while (or a Matrix, or a Terminator, or a Batman) but for the most part, lets move on. I wanna see more Blair Witch’s, Se7ens, Silence of the Lamb’s. Those (in a general way, not specifically) don’t rely on my 10 year old viewing habits to pull me into the matephorical theater.

    Anyway… increase the peace.

    1. dude blair witch had one good film and the second one flopped, its smarter from the studio’s point of view to make movies that people will see and comic book films have proven to do that, and some of them had great stories: spiderman 2, batman begins, tdk, iron man, blade and blade 2, superman returns, and others, and i do agree that some had shitty stories(ghost rider for example)

    2. I don’t agree that those retarded spoof movies or Jackass need to be made and Hollywood would be better suited to do different films. Hell.. ANY other films.

      If you don’t agree with a genre, dont attend. Thats why I dont go to see those retarded spoof movies. And only when everyone acts and follows my lead will my opinion become a fact.

      Sadly your proposal involves axing an entire genre based on your assumptions about it. Comic Book movies are not an attempt to pull you back into your childhood. Attend ComicCon. The target audience for comic books (and therefore movies based on them) are aimed at the 19-34 age group.

      You make presumptions about the comic book artform, because you feel they are responsible for taking away from those genres you prefer. Again. Weak.

      While you are raving about how these movies you crave are not being made because of all that money that is spent on films that LOTS of people clearly love attending, remember that there are already dozens of other studios putting out dozens of movies to satisfy you. Don’t take it out on comic book movies because you don’t appreciate them.

  4. @Rodney-

    So I find myself saying the same things over and over again: chuck the comic book movies (or at least give them a break…). This isn’t across the board. I liked Iron Man and thought The Dark Knight was spectacular production, but not that good of a story (or a too-fragmented story).

    Why, though? Because I look at all the movies that could be produced in lieu of (insert comic book movie here) that would make you feel something OTHER than a fond rememberance of a childhood best left forgotten (not you, specifically, Rodney, the collective you).

    It’s only a matter of time before we hit the big Ishtar of comic books. WATCHMAN might be it.


    1. well as long as comic book films are making money then the studios are just gonna keep making them, no matter how much you want to them to take a break
      …just sayin

    2. So because YOU are tired of the genre for no reason other than your self sacrificing concern for the studio’s pocketbooks? Thats empty.

      And while we are at it, romantic comedies have a long history of bad incomes, and I can list any number of tired repeated dramas. Guess we should sacrifice those for these other overlooked movies you wish took their place. That would leave room for the movies that everyone wants to see right?

      Just stop making movies of one type to give another a chance to the movies you feel are better suited.

  5. We’ll see, I guess. I read mixed reviews. At 130M + (let’s say) another 50M for P&A, it’s gotta do… sheesh, call it Dark Knight type numbers, about 200M to make a profit.

    At 160 mins, well, that’s 4 showings of Beverly Hills Chihuahua (gross 140M) for every 2 showings of BHC.

    I’m just saying, comic book movies? Not that great. Too much risk. Wayyyyy too expensive.

    1. So because you have decided that there is a financial risk in the genre, we should just fuck the whole chuckwagon?

      That’s a really poor reasoning.

    2. well there are alot of people willing to see these kind of films(me included), its true that some of them just blow(fantastic 4, the spirit, ghost rider,etc), and i doubt that WATCHMEN will be as successful as TDK, but im actually confident it will bring in a ton of money and if it doesnt then the studio isnt just gonna decide to discontinue making comic book films.

    3. i agree w/ rodney, comic book films have shown to bring in money: TDK and spiderman 3 are just a couple of examples

  6. If he knows nothing about the character ..

    How does he know he’s too young to play it? He must know something about the Green Lantern.

  7. yeah i like this kid…sometimes an actors role makes me feel differently about him…and ever since alpha dog..ive kinda felt bad for the guy..(lol i know…its weird..but his character got fucked over so when i see HIM…i automatically feel bad)

    id like this guy to play robin though…if he had straighter hair…


    im sure its only a matter of time until shia finds himself doing a ridiculous role….hes on every movie…soon enough hell make us all go “WTF!?”
    like watch him play pacman….

  8. i think if we give him a few years i wouldnt mind seeing him in green lantern but yea right now hes just not quite old enough.

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