First Look at Terminator Salvation’s T-600

We get our first look at the predecessor to the Arnie model Terminator with the beefy T-600 Terminator from the upcoming Terminator Salvation.

Coming Soon says:

The image is part of the magazine’s March preview of the upcoming “Terminator Salvation” video game, which is a prequel to the movie.

Obviously this is the model they were using to eradicate the Human race while it was still a bullet game. They resorted to the elusive skin job robots later, which required a much more human proportioned (albeit Mr Universe proportioned) scale.

This film is going to focus more on the robot vs human war, so it makes sense that we would get to see the killing machines earlier models.

This being the big reveal for their March issue, it makes me wonder how print publications still thrive.

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48 thoughts on “First Look at Terminator Salvation’s T-600

  1. it is rather large.

    Reminds me of what they did to the Predators in AvP. Made them supersized for some reason. The original Predator and Predator 2 had a much better look for their costumes and AvP f-ed them up.

    1. The vehicle that Steam Shovel transforms from IS that big.

      Its massive. It shovels dirt into dump trucks with 25 foot high tires.

      And if you compare the original cartoon, Devastator stands 4 times as tall as Megatron, so this might be a tad on the larger scale, but thats the point. Devastator is supposed to be unbeatable and intimidating.

  2. I don’t know why something that happened last year should somehow affect the box office numbers. The main reason people are talking some shit about this film is because of McG.
    And the haters will bow before him after wards. Mark my word.

    1. Yeah, I meant this happened last year and they’re barely reporting it now? Okay.

      As for McG: I’ve only seen the music videos he has directed, but never any of his films.

      The box office take will only effect the movie studio/financers and in some occasions an actor’s pay if they decided to use the films box office success as their pay(like Jim Carrey in Yes Man).

  3. Must be a slow news day at TMZ. I heard that this happened when they first started filming last year. So I’, sure Bale and the guy must of made up already. But yeah, the t-600 looks awesome, I was going to say it looked a little bigger than the t-800 model, but they came out before the more Arnold looking model

  4. First off, about Bale’s spat. This kind of stuff happens all the time on movie sets so I don’t see the big deal in it. Unfortunately this one happened to be recorded (I guess batman really IS cursed).
    With the movie. IT looks awesome. I love how they’re going in depth with the history and not just launching it off as John Connor as the savior. It’ll be interesting to see the processes wiht how the machines are taking over.

  5. Even though it’s off topic…

    I agree with Kristina about Bale’s verbal assault. There is no circumstance where behaviour such as this would be deemed acceptable. The DP in question obviously made a mistake, but he doesn’t deserve what he got. Perhaps it’s ok to get pissed, but not to continously insult and humiliate the man in front of the entire set. What an immature, unprofessional and petty act. I can’t help but see Bale in a new light at this point.

  6. His tirade is unacceptable on so many levels.

    1) There’s a point in the audio where you hear him threaten physical harm and you can hear him run over to assault the man. And Bale has the nerve to call the OTHER guy unprofessional?

    2) McG is a complete coward for not having the balls to shut Bale the hell up and control his damn set.

    3) Bale just keeps going on and on, berating the guy like a child, humiliating him in front of everyone. He should have let it go about two munites into the audio clip.

  7. Entertainment Weekly printed a full photo of the T-600 about three or four weeks ago in their Spring Movie preview issue. Their photo doesn’t look quite so bulky, but both claim to be the T-600. I suppose this could be due to the fact that one is an image of the film T-600 and if I understand right, the above photo is a video game image…

    Entertainment Weekly’s photo

    1. I might have misunderstood the above picture as being a video game image. If that is an image from the video game, the quality of the game looks to be amazing.

    1. i agree, and sometimes this is what you need to get people pumped…any ways people who are saying negative things about bale are just the kind of people who hear something out of text and run with it…and ron u say lack of control? what about the dumbshit guy walking in the background…IMO thats shit u get fired for..nad bale doesnt need control…he is the star and its his name that is hurt by shitty filming.

  8. lol ya I posted the audio on my blog.

    From what we can hear, the guy kept on walking behind him while he was performing and Bale just lost it. If I remember correctly,I think Bale said once during an interview that he doesn’t like movies but loves to perform in them. lol so yeah he loves his job :P

    That picture is awesome, didn’t know they were making a video game to set off the movie.

  9. heh There is a remix of his little tirade…it’s hilarious.

    I give Bale the benefit of the doubt tho. You can never trust what happens to be recorded. Maybe something led up to his outburst. Maybe the guy did it repeatedly and then Bale finally broke. He obviously takes his job seriously…maybe too seriously.

    That being said, Bale is my fav actor so I’m probably biased and just hoping there is a reason. Plus it seems like Bale has a mic on or something while no one else does so all you get is him yelling while everyone else sounds

    Terminator looks kewl.

    1. While I understand your point, and it could be valid, it still doesn’t dismiss his lack of control or that the someone he is yelling has feelings. Would it be okay if he happened to work at a bank? Would it be okay if a fellow worker talked to you that way?

  10. I also can’t wait for this movie. My fear is that this whole fiasco of him going off on some light guy or whatever might hurt the box office totals. In case you haven’t heard it, Bale goes on a thre and a half minute verbal tirade because someone walks into frame or something like that. I heard the recording and to say he is ridiculously mean is an understatement. If someone talked to me like that I would have have punched them. I wouldn’t care if they beat the shit out of me afterward, at least I would have got the shot in. After hearing it, I wonder about the validity of the claims against him pertaining to his mother and sister.

    1. meh mild internet childs play……if your worried about a man yelling on the set then you should never try to find out what goes on during shootings with every movie…this nothing new or nothing to worry about…fact is the cinematoghrapher was doing shit that a 1st year student would know not to do and bale is a legit actor who is also a man…u piss me off im gonna go on a rant too specially when there shooting 12 hours a day in the hot ass weather they where shooting at….this smells like TMZ all over it….just something to make people watch and look at commercials meh just plain haterade!

    2. he never beat up him mom and sister, he verbally assaulted them, they said on tv that incident happened the next day after the terminator incident.

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