Dragonball Pics – Goku, Chi-Chi and Mal

I’ve already said it many times, but I’ll say it again anyway… Dragonball is the next Speed Racer. A property whose current popularity and potential audience is being drastically overestimated with source material that does not lend itself to becoming a decent live action movie. This movie will tank.

Having said that… damn I’d take “Mal” to dinner anywhere she wanted to go and whenever she’d agree to be seen in public with me (which probably means never). Thanks to Jarred for the pics. There is a water mark on the images, but I can’t find a corresponding site. If you know where they came from, please drop me a note and let me know.




  • Lauren

    I’m remaining neutreal on this one. I’m a huge fan of DB/Z/GT. Goku wore blue at the beginning of Dragonball so that made sense, though his hair looks wack.
    I think if they can make the flying effects the same as the current superman movie then there may be hope. Plus i want some decent energy blasts.
    I get it’s hard to bring DB charcters to life on the big screen but there are better choices for Goku.
    After watching the trailer the story is a bit odd but i really think it will come together as a sci-fi/action movie very nicely. Just cut down on the cheese factor and amp up the hard core action and it will be fine!

  • mykil

    shit… i if this is d dragonball they’re showing we should just murder the producers, the director and the actors. give justice to a fine anime that lasted for years. who came up with this crap of a movie any way. it’s better just watch the real animated version from japan.

  • Jaigo

    It may be one of the best movies to come out, a box office smash of such, but if it doesn’t stick to its origins, then it’s just another street fighter, can anybody say; ‘none American Guile or Kylie Minogue Cammy’. First of all, does anybody on this blog know or have a friend, who is a white guy called Goku?
    You’re only going to get camera tricks like crouching tiger, people pretending to walk on trees, fake fighting; and to you hardcore DB fans worldwide, you must be disappointed. By Goku alone, never mind the none green Piccolo and Master Roshi with a full head of hair, tall and serious, when has master Roshi ever been serious. As for Bulma, she should have blue hair and where is Krillin and Tien. Finally I have beef with the storyline, WHERE IS GOKU’S TAIL and what’s up with his hair? To be continued after the release date.