Bourne 4 Secures a Writer

We have known for a while now that The Bourne Identity is getting a fourth chapter. It is no surprise that they would want to continue as these movies are insanely popular and no sign of slowing down just yet.

Bourne Takes Manhattan, Bourne Free or Bourne Symposium looks like it has secured a writer, and he is no stranger to Jason’s adventures.

Latino Review shares:

According to the trades Universal Pictures is moving ahead with its fourth installment of “The Bourne Identity” series, setting George Nolfi to write the script.

Nolfi was co-writer of the third film, which was based on a story by Tony Gilroy.

Though the series is based on the Robert Ludlum novels, the new film won’t be based on a Ludlum title, but rather an original story.

Movies based on books rarely measure up to the books themselves, but I have loved the Bourne movies, so if the book is better I might want to pick those up. However the proposed fourth chapter will be an original work deviating from the books in an independent story.

So that causes a knee jerk reaction, but we do have one of the co-writers from Ultimatum taking the task so I lean towards optimism.

I do like seeing Matt Damon kick some ass. In most of his films he is such a strong personality that he is fun to watch but you just crave to see him put his foot upside someone’s jaw just once. He plays the threat very well. His presence makes you believe this guy is unassuming and common and yet dangerous as hell all at the same time.

I look forward to seeing him in this role again. Hopefully it will be as good as the other chapters.

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17 thoughts on “Bourne 4 Secures a Writer

  1. I can’t wait for Bourne 4! Bourne 1 was loosely based on the novels, Bourne 2 had a very minor storyline connection (Bourne framed for a murder), and Bourne 3 was a complete deviation in every way except for the name. I think that for the fourth movie, they should move to a different enemy. Bourne vs. the CIA has been great, but if they keep going, it may become overdone. If I were the writer, I’d create the illusion of the CIA being the enemy, but eventually reveal someone else to be the true enemy. I think that Vosen should be out to get revenge, killing each person involved in his arrest: Landy, Cronin, Paz, Nicky, Bourne, and maybe even Hirsch, Kramer, and Wills. He plans to kill Bourne last, framing him for all the other murders so the CIA will be chasing shadows. He kills everybody but Bourne and Nicky, and the two team up to stop Vosen.

    As for casting, I think that one of Vosen’s assassins – if not Bourne’s main nemesis – should be Hillary Swank. She and Bourne would kick some serious carcass in a fight. I’d also love to see just one scene at the end, as part of the side story of Bourne discovering his past, where Bourne comes face-to-face with his brother, Gordon, but loses his nerve to tell Gordon that he’s his brother. Playing the brother in a cameo appearance would be Ben Affleck.

  2. Don’t worry about the books. Since the first movie did not even follow the main storyline. They only kept the amnesic spy part and his badass skills. The books were set during the cold war and there was a main villain named Carlos (I think that’s his name).

  3. The Bourne Identity movie is only loosely based on the book. The two sequels have absolutely nothing to do with the books, but the entire series of books is well worth the read (that is the original three. another writer has picked up the series and written an additional three books. I read the first and was completely uninspired to read the others).

  4. @LORDTHYBOB… I would have to disagree with you on the first movie being similar to the first book. The only real similarities is Bourne having amnesia, waking up in the water, meeting a girl, and a secret American agency. Everything else was completely different and they leave out the entire plot of the book involving the arch nemesis and Bourne’s for being in Europe. The girl is somewhat acceptable, even though in the book she is from Canada and is a banker if I remember right. The company is no where close to as interesting as the Treadstone in the book.

  5. The first Movie was similar to the book, but diverged to a different outcome and updated to the present day. I really enjoyed the first movie and started reading the books afterwards.

    I enjoyed the books 10x more than the movies, they dealt more with the mystery of his trying to figure out who he is and I loved the way the book ended.

  6. I am looking forward to another Bourne movie, but it’s not because I want to see the story continue, because like we’ve already said the story seemed to conclude itself in Ultimatum, it’s because I think it’s one of the most complete action trilogies we’ve had in a while (not counting LOTR of course).

    Not since Indiana Jones have we had a really good, solid action trilogy to look forward to, and as we all saw, a 4th Indiana didn’t prove so well in the theaters, so I guess we’ll see how this one does.

  7. Let’s go; i’m ready for another one. I loved the trilogy but felt let down by the sudden ending of Ultimatum. Don’t forget the golden rule here; if this film sucks, we still have the trilogy and can pretend this never happened.

  8. I really have no problem with a fourth Bourne film. I actually was hoping this day would come, and I have to agree with EDDIE, that this may be my favorite film triology, at least besidesStar Wars ep. 4-6 and The Godfather Trilogy

  9. Jackburton is correct in regards to the movies being nothing like the books, but I really do not think that Robert Lundlum would be rolling in his grave. As movies they are great, but far from being an adaptation of the books. I welcome a fourth movie. The books themselves span quite a few years. By the time the Ultimatum rolls around Jason Bourne is in his fifties. Plenty of time in there to have some other stories that the books do not cover. Though, yes, it is already a completely different storyline from start to finish when comparing movie to book, but that is alright and I am sure Robert Lundlum would not be at all upset. It would have been cool though, had they introduced Jason Bourne’s arch nemesis from the fist and third books.

  10. best trilogy of all time, in my book. to me, this is the most worthy that should rock a fourth film. i know there’s a trilogy rule, but i’m totally down with more damon arse beatdowns. bring it.

  11. Dude, if you’ve even read the books, you know that the movies had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOKS. They kept the “amnesiac superspy” premise, and that’s it. Everything else after the first 20 minutes of “Identity” had NOTHING WHATSOVER to do with the books, in particular the two sequels. Ludlum is rolling in his grave.

  12. I can’t wait! I haven’t seen 2 or 3, but I absolutely loved the hell outta Bourne Identity. One of those films I gave a 10/10. I wouldn’t mind them make a Pirates 4 or a Spidey 4 either (I actually liked Spider-Man and Pirates 3).

  13. Spiderman 4, Pirates 4, Bourne 4…..
    looks like a shitload of unnecessary (and partially unwanted) fourquels (yes, I just invented that word) awaits us and honestly, all those people who are back, Greengrass, Damon, Raimi, Macguire, Depp, they all seem to be doing it only because they get obscene amounts of cash for it. There seems to be no passion whatsoever behind their involvement.

    Storywise I just don’t see the point in a fourth Bourne movie. He discovered his past, the storyline is over, that’s it.
    Where do go from here? Bourne turns into Bond? Why? We already have Bond and he could kick little Jason’s ass anyday.
    Where do you go with Jason Bourne as a character? I just don’t see this being any good.

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