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They could make a million of these movies and they still couldn’t get me to watch another one of them. I saw the first one for the genius that it was. Great hook, over the top violence and gore. Lots of cringing moments. But then I lost interest.

But there appears to still be a market for it and people flock to these torture porn movies in droves so they make money. So I guess they have to push out as many as they can before the subgenre loses steam and some other type of horror becomes the “in thing”


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13 thoughts on “Saw V Poster Online

  1. this movie makes me sick. not the gore thats fine but i cant stand wathcing innocent dudes choping their own legs off. ugh i cant stand that shit!

    why or why isnt that guy in jail yet? locked up till he rots???

    (i know i know..just a movie..)

  2. Despite the horrible tagline (assuming that this is the official one), I am actually looking forward to this film. I haven’t lost interest in this series ‘yet’, with #3 being the only entry that I was not really a fan of. That said, I do hope that they wrap things up soon. There’s at least one more Saw movie planned after V, apparently, so….we’ll see.

  3. They have twisted all of these sequals so much that I wouldn’t be suprised that John didn’t die in part 3. Maybe it was his twin brother named Fred or maybe in somebody kills the remaining New Kids on the Block.

  4. It may have peaked with Saw 2 if you ask me but there is still something about these films that are exciting. I can’t wait to see Saw 5 on DVD in February 2009. They are pointless seeing in the theater. Better to wait and get the extra gore on DVD with bonus features, alternate endings, yada yada yada.

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