Mirrors Redband Trailer Online

When you start saying things like Redband Trailer, you know that people will be itching to see it. Just to see it.

So the Redband Trailer for Mirrors has come out and its pretty graphic in parts. But gore hardly scares me much anymore as much as the “image in the mirror doesnt do what you do” kind of thing. If that actually happened I would pee myself and die of a heart attack. Roll Credits.

Anyways, check out the Trailer for Mirrors, and remember to put in your age. Don’t put in the wrong date or the FBI might think you are a demon fueled immortal born to bring about the end of the world


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9 thoughts on “Mirrors Redband Trailer Online

  1. Until about halfway through this trailer, I was merely interested in this movie. Then Amy Smart ripped open her own face in the tub. Holy fucking shit, this movie looks awesome!

  2. With all the drugs Keifer has done this is probably what he usually sees in mirrors. I loved High Tension and didn’t care for Hills Have Eyes.

  3. oh hell yes!! This is my kind of horror movie. I hope it’s equally as the good as the trailer alludes to. Kinda had that Event Horizon feel for some reason.

  4. Can’t wait to see this one. It’s showing at FrightFest in London this year so will get to see it then. Looks pretty freaky and that bath scene looks gross!

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