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The MTV movie awards has its charm and the potential to mean more than some of the other award ceremonies purely because it is the Fan’s Awards. These are the things that actually matter to the everyday man going to a movie. Not to say that other technical awards or fine art considerations are not important, but MTV Movie Awards tend to have a broader appeal.

And yet we still don’t really think they matter. But its fun anyways!

/Film collected some of the bigger categories to share:

Best Movie: Transformers
Best Male Performance: Will Smith in I Am Legend
Breakthrough Performance: Zac Efron in Hairspray
Best Female Performance: Ellen Page in Juno
Best Comedic Performance: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Best Fight: Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down
Best Villain: Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Best Kiss: Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman in Step Up 2 The Streets
Best Summer Movie So Far: Iron Man
Tom Cruise presented Adam Sandler with the MTV Generation Award

I like the choice of categories that sets this apart from more traditional awards, like “Best Fight” and “Best Villain”. These categories allow for recognition of some shining moments in films that otherwise would have been discarded due to a bad movie.

Other categories that are just so fluff that they are in for the gaa gaa factor alone are “Best Kiss” and “Best Summer Movie So Far”. Any movie with a hot lesbian kiss or two actors that are already hearthrobs bumping faces will win Best Kiss. And with the official summer season barely a month in, the list is pretty short.

Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards? What did you think of Mike Meyers as host?

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13 thoughts on “MTV Movie Award Winners

  1. Paramount had nothing to do with John’s presence at the MTV music awards. And considering year after year John mocks and insults these awards as “fake sellout awards” do you really think he would be invited again??

  2. @Leaner:

    ” And you could tell MTV had no idea they were planning this,Hence the panning out”

    That’s incorrect. They did plan it. They even said they did. However, at the last minute, they decided it was too much and had the cameramen go wide.

    Also, it was in bad taste. You had celebs who have had drug problems in the past who have recovered and don’t find dope jokes funny (such as Downey Jr.) you have celebs who discourage drug usage among the youth culture…and *that* expected reaction is “funny”? Funny how?

    The only question I have is if MTV thought at the last minute the joke was tasteless because it was a drug joke (which would make them hypocrites when they run PSAs of anti-drug use from time to time) or because ‘lighting up’ was a bad idea given the notion that nobody knew at the time what caused the fire a few blocks down.

  3. The fact that any type of award, in any way, shape, or form, was awarded to Zac Efron, Never Back Down & Step Up 2 The Streets, basically ensures that I will never, ever, friggin ever devote another moment of my time to this ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS EXCUSE for an awards show.

  4. Go on Youtube and look up the skit with Downey, Black, and Stiller. I’d post the link, but for some reason, the site isn’t letting me post anything with a link in it. Just search for mtv movie awards kung fu panda vs iron man and watch the video. I promise you, it’s worth it. Downey singlehandely saved the show. Myers SUCKED.

  5. Darren, I really enjoyed the weed scene by Franco and Rogan. Might have been my favorite part. Yes they milked it forever, but it wasn;t the actuall smoking that was funny. It was the audiences reaction. THey were stunned, and a lot of people were very uncomfortable with it, including Downy Jr.. Chris Brown and Riahna looked like they just saw a ghost, and other people couln’t believe what they were witnessing. And you could tell MTV had no idea they were planning this,Hence the panning out. . That’s what I love about it. The whole Apatow crew just seems to be a bunch of fat normal people who don;t give a shit what Hollywood thinks or how they will react.

    Depp winning Comedic performace shows you why the MTV awards is a joke.

  6. I got as far as “Wayne’s World” reunion. I was about to tune out and then I saw the first bit of that, and I decided a few more minutes…and while it was great seeing Myers with Dana Carvey again, the joke soon turned lame (I’m surprised there was no ‘Fantastic Foursome: Rise Of My Silver Stiffer’, but maybe I should be thankful’.

    The three reasons I decided to tune out early?

    1- I don’t mind the music numbers, but I’d much rather have an artist play a song from a movie (or upcoming movie) and not just something “off the new CD”.

    2- Is the WGA strike still on? Whoever the head writers of the MTV Movie awards are, they don’t have a brain between the ears. Some of the presenters, I don’t think even they could believe what they were asked to say. Then there’s the unfunny and milked ’til the tit went dry drug joke forced upon Seth Rogen and James Franco…which when the camera cut to Robert Downey Jr. you saw his disgust and a moment later heard his mild retort upon him and Faverau accepting ‘Best Summer Movie So Far’ award.

    3- The best movie fight scene? Optimus Prime vs. Megatron and everybody freaking knows it. But it wasn’t a nominee, go figure.

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