John Speaking At Comic Con 2008 On “Masters Of The Web” Panel And Why You Should Be There

Hey guys. For those of you who may be interested and are planning on attending Comic Con 2008 in San Diego this July, it looks like I’ll (John) be speaking on the “Masters of the Web” panel (yeah I know, it’s kind of an egotistical name for the panel… makes me feel like I should be holding aloft He-Man’s sword of power or something) on the very first day of the convention. More details to follow.

The panel will take your questions about anything and everything ranging from the role the web now plays in Hollywood, how we do what we do, behind the scene stories… ect. ect. ect.


1) If you’re into the movie web community, this is actually one hell of an impressive line up on the panel (aside from me that is). The guys I’ll be joining on the panel are:

– Eric “Quint” Vespe (Ain’t It Cool News)
– Robert Sanchez (IESB.Net)
– Garth Franklin (Dark Horizons)
– Devin Faraci (CHUD)
– Mike Sampson (JoBlo)
– Erik Davis (Cinematical)
– Brad Miska (Bloody Disgusting)
– Paul Christensen (MovieWeb)
– Kellvin Chavez (Latino Review)

So basically you’re looking at the online All-Star team (I’m the bat boy I guess)

2) We’re giving Away 20 passes to the Masters Of The Web Party on Saturday night. TRUST ME… this is THE party to be at for Comic Con. The party is by INVITATION ONLY. A number of Celebs were there last year, and this year there will be even more of them and other VIPs. This is the ONLY way regular Comic Con attendees can get into this party and you want to be there. Here are just a couple of Family Friendly pics from last year’s party:

This is a pic of me and Mike Davis (Director of the Clive Owen film “Shoot Em Up”)

(I really can’t show you any more)

3) See exclusive footage of the upcoming Jason Statham movie “Crank 2” and the upcoming Gerard Butler film “The Game”. The Masters of the Web panel session is the ONLY place at Comic Con convention attendees can see this stuff.

4) We’ve asked our friends Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Directors of “Crank”, “Crank 2”, “The Game” and the upcoming WB movie “Jonah Hex” to moderate the panel discussion. If you ever watched one of the Uncut Live episodes with these guys on… you know they’re hilarious live.

5) Since the panel is at 10am, Doug Nagy and I are inviting any Movie Blog readers who attend the panel to join us for lunch afterwards. This will be a good chance for you to get together with other TMB readers, to tell Doug Nagy to his face you’re offended by all his swearing, and to tell me how wrong I am about Tim Burton and just about everything else. Good times good times!

So come to Comic Con, and join us for the “Masters of The Web” panel (iiiiii… haavveeee… the pooowweerrrr!). It’ll be a great way to meet folks and get Comic Con 2008 kicked off! Hope to see you there.

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15 thoughts on “John Speaking At Comic Con 2008 On “Masters Of The Web” Panel And Why You Should Be There

  1. So, how do I get to be one of the lucky 20 to get an invite? I have my 4 days pass and will be in town for all the fun. Last year I only hit 10 panels due to the lines and bad first-timer planning.

  2. Its gonna be a hot summer.
    Its 100 degrees today in LA.

    I can see why Johns on that list but the others? Hmmm and where’s Vic from Screen Rant?
    Even though we have issues John I will admit you have alot of writing talent.
    Should be a fun time but yeah bring Sunblock and a big hat.

  3. The third picture…okay, that’s fine. I don’t mind it (but then again, let’s face it, any guy who’s straight would like that stuff anyway).

  4. *squeel* we’ve already got our 4 days passes! I’ll be front row! Can I get you and doug to sign our chests?

  5. This looks awesome! John gave us the word yesterday on this on the movie blog facebook group. Glad to see this is official! I’ll be there!

  6. You should totally show up in a HeMan costume and then look at the panel and sheepishly admit that you didn’t understand the theme for the panel.

  7. Why is it everything I love always happens to be on the wrong coast? While I won’t be able to attend, it’s great news to hear about the panel and good luck to any other readers who plan on attending.

    I guess, at the very least, I won’t be seeing large men in girl uniforms.

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