Final Destination4 Plot Leaked

A recent find online reveals that Final Destination 4 plot is being leaked via audition sheets. says:

Final Destination 4 (which is referred to on the script pages as Final Destination 4: 3D) is currently handing out sides for auditions. I managed to get my hands on a few, set for four different characters: Janet, Hunt, George, and Gearhead.

I have a pet peeve to movies that make sequels when the very premise of the movie or title implies that it is final. NeverEnding Story was meant to never end, so they have an excuse for churning out crap. And don’t get me started about Highlander. There can only be one my ass… But when something like Final Destination gets its fourth installment made, I wonder just how much liberty they are taking with the title.

However, more important than this is that they suggest that this movie will be in 3D. This seems to be a harsh foreshadowing as we have been hearing tidbits of news that a 3D revival is on its way. I guess if you are going to make a movie 3D you might as well use a slasher horror. What better way to startle your viewers than having certain doom thrust itself off the screen into your popcorn littered laps.

If you want to read the spoiler filled overview of the plot contained on these sides, you can go to

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6 thoughts on “Final Destination4 Plot Leaked

  1. Kristina i think that you are totally right!! i hate it how they always make the movie to where the hot guys always die!! like in the 3rd movie when Jason died and then how Kevin almost died i creid for both of them:( lol :) but yeah they need to make a movie to where the hot guys LIVE!! GAWD!! :)

  2. The Final Destination series is just so cool…especially their releasing the forth, which will be in 3D.
    I love Final Destination 2 the best..
    Can’t wait to watch Final Destination 4….

  3. It WILL be in 3D. And of course slashers are perfect for 3D. In fact ALL genres are perfect for 3D. Why? Because we SEE in 3D! Lol. Man, I do not get why some people are so strung out on 3D. We wake up in the morning, open our eyes and blamo – 3D. Just like color! Boy I wonder if 40 years ago there was others who said “Hmmm, a horror film in color – HEY – RED blood YESSSsssss! Lol

    Yes, there is a 3D revolution and it will overtake 90% of Hollywood’s productions by 2020. Heck there is already a ton of 3D projects – check out for a list (updated all the time of course!)

    3D Movies and Technology

  4. Thank you Darren.

    I get pissed too. It’s Death that the title referencing. I see that remark at different message boards. *sigh*

    Yes. Two was better than one. Third… comes in third. I’ll be an ass. I wasn’t a fan of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but she’s been warming up on me.

    What I want to see is a prequel. How Bludworth cheated death… and won. There is an answer. New life. But not what the characters in the second film did. Nine months perhaps?

  5. I never would have thought that I would be the one to explain this to Rod, but “Final Destination” should not be counted within his description. It refers to the (unseen) character of Death and/or death itself. It is not a cheap title like…oh, “Freddy’s Dead The Final Nightmare” or “Friday The 13th Last Chapter” (which was solved with “A new Beginning” haha) or, Highlander III :The Final Dimension which was not only not final it was released by Dimension (and Endgame!)

    The only thing about Final Destination is that while the second film was better than the first, the third stunk like rotten eggs.

    I bet you cringed last month when those rumors of The Last Starfighter sequel were whispered about…

  6. I don’t have to read the spoilers to know what the movie is about. A group of young, dumb, hot people getting killed the fuck off one by one. Whoopdy doo.

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