Thomas Sangster is Tintin

Now I figured that the lucky actor set to play Tintin in the upcoming trilogy based off the popular books would probably be a surprising choice and boy, was I right. It has been reported that 17 year old Thomas Sangster (from ‘Nanny Mcphee’ and ‘Love Actually’ fame) has been cast as the famous Tintin. gives us this news:

17-year-old Thomas Sangster (Nanny McPhee, Love Actually) has been cast to play comic book hero Tintin in the trilogy of performance capture films to be directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, according to the Daily Mail.

Sangster, from South London, has already been to Los Angeles to work on pre-production test sequences with both directors.

He’ll be joining Andy Serkis, who has been cast as Tintin’s sidekick Captain Haddock.

So am I the only person who is thinking this casting decision is a little strange? I mean, I love that Andy Serkis has been cast as Captain Haddock, but why is this kid going to be playing Tintin?! I used to read Tintin comics all the time, and I’m PRETTY sure that Tintin was a little older! ( I actually would have preferred seeing Simon Pegg as Tintin)

However, there’s got to be a good reason for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson to be supporting this choice, so I’m not going to get all bitchy just because of the obvious age difference between the actor and the character.

I’m a little irked, but that’s okay. What are your thoughts, Tintin fans? Do you think Thomas Sangster has what it takes to play Tintin?

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