Justice League To Be Delayed – Possibly Axed!

AxeHoly Crow! It looks like Ba’al has heard our petitions, delighted in our sacrifices and may make our dreams come true! Unconfirmed tipsters from parts unknown are claiming that Justice League may be delayed and/or axed completely due to the writers strike and casting issues. We get the saucy scoop from our friends at IESB:

“The cast for Justice League is mediocre, the execs know it’s mediocre, it’s going to go down to wire on this one, this movie cold be huge but right now it’s plagued with a couple of big issues and the WGA strike isn’t making things easier,” our source tell us.

So what’s the final verdict on Justice League? I was having dinner this evening when I got a call from one of our moles over at Warner Bros. who told us, “Justice League has been pushed back to at least April or May and possibly a start date as late as June or July…that is of course if the movie doesn’t get scrapped altogether.”

This is the only good news that was left for the satchel of mistakes known as Justice League. If they put this garbage in the can and return to the drawing board – we can hope again that perhaps, one day we will see a quality JL picture. This movie’s progress has infuriated fans at every step like no movie I have posted about (save for maybe G.I. Joe) and it is glorious that the people at the helm may have the sense and foresight to stop this trainwreck.

I hope the WETA costumes don’t go to waste; I call dibs on Wonder Woman. I need a Halloween present for my lady friend the Pleasure Witch, and I am in great need of a golden roping.

This could be the greatest news of the day, I do not know of one person that was still excited to see this. Some things can’t be fixed and need to be discarded. I hope beyond hope that these rumors be true; this would be triumph for me, and for you.

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25 thoughts on “Justice League To Be Delayed – Possibly Axed!

  1. dude..just dont rush it man! taaaake ur time and do it right!
    this movie WILL come out sooner or later- i doubt itll come out in 2009…MAYBE IT WILL but i think itll come out later
    so with the time they have just start from scrap and do it again. its not too late to just start over. get new famous older more talented known actors
    i dont care about the wait

  2. WB has TERMINATOR: SALVATION and CLASH OF THE TITANS currently slated for Summer 2009 as well. If WB is THAT desperate for a superhero tent-pole for that summer, they could give Bryan Singer the greenlight for the SUPERMAN sequel MAN OF STEEL.

    Both of Singer’s X-MEN films were made insanely fast and effects-heavy productions, so noone could make the argument that he wouldn’t have enough time to get em finished.

  3. Well, I guess this is the age of the blog, so nobody minds not knowing jack shit and being wrong about everything and amplifying every tiny scrap of misunderstood out of context quote and feeling they are informed. All we know is about a thousand rumors repeated and recycled and mixed up and confused and who the hell knows if they were right in the first place or will still be by the time they actually make this movie. I am an adult, so I have no clue who Adam Brody is, so if he is really playing the guy who runs fast I can’t judge if that’s right or not. If six foot ten 22 year old whatsisdick really is playing Batman (which, again, we have no idea) then I don’t know how he’s gonna compete with Christian Bale. I thought they should’ve gone for an older dude so you didn’t compare them.

    But then, I have no idea who the dude is, and neither do you, and I trust George Miller, who actually auditioned the guy, and knows what the movie is about, etc. He did a pretty good job choosing some nobody named Mel Gibson for Mad Max.

    When they first started talking about this movie every blog said they were rushing it. Now it’s half a year later and they haven’t started yet, and every blog is complaining that there are delays so it must be troubled. There is no way to satisfy some comic book fans. Even if all you knew was that they were making a movie, and nothing else (which is just slightly less than what we know now), I trust you could spend the next 15 years writing non-stop about what they’ve done wrong so far.

    I don’t know if this movie is gonna get made, but I’m pretty sure if it does that it will be good and that none of you will apologize or admit how wrong you were. But I don’t care, I will be a gentleman about it. As the one guy who knew from the beginning I will personally autograph all of your Justice League: The Movie collectable dolls and pajamas and limited edition statues and what not. See you then.

  4. Phil gee pointed something insteresting.
    WB knows the ease way to make money now is a comic book movie,pulling out the JLA plug already leaving then whitout a BLOCKBUSTER on this genre for 2009 make this news a little hard to believe.
    with is true i will not cry though!
    but imagine this,as soon as the WGA strike gets over they could rush the project aniway and end the movie for a 2009 release.

  5. Perhaps this just proves my theory… that this WHOLE writer’s strike happened just so WB would have an excuse to NOT move foward and actually make this horrid film. It’s all WB’s fault! Men, round up yer womens and grab your pitchforks and torches… we’re headed to castle WB!

  6. @Josh,

    Batman & Robin pretty much established that it did happen, badly, to the point that the Batman franchise had to get rebooted from scratch into Batman Begins.

    The fact is, we want to see a JLA film done properly. We don’t need JLA to be a spinoff from the official Batman/Superman movies, we want to get to the point that key DC characters get their movies, then a Batman/Superman, then JLA.

    While it isn’t our money, it is a waste of time, and I for one refuse to see another ‘Batman & Robin’-type of movie that nearly kill off a movie franchise and take years to repair it. Just do it safe: do a Superman sequel, get movies for each other DC characters, the plan just writes itself and Marvel is following with no problem.

  7. I don’t understand why we’re rejoicing that this movie might not get made at all. While most of us, including myself, don’t agree with some of the casting choices and the early plot details, it’s not our money. If I want to make a movie about a superhero donkey and have the rights to the characters and enough money I’m going to give it a shot – especially if I think people are going to come see it. In the case of Justice League, people will see it. It might even end up being great. People actually went to Fantastic Four 2 even after all of the prerelease sorrows and the horrible first film and Justice League would do even better. Maybe you don’t want to see your heroes or your beloved comic universe tainted by this film but my only response to that is don’t go see it and it never happened. Out of sight out of mind.

  8. I could have called it before FNJ. In fact, I think I did. But chances are someone caled it before me, and some dude before him…but what I do know is that the majority was in unison.

    But here’s the thing: I think Doug is shit out of luck getting WETA’s Wonder Woman outfit; he’d be hard pressed to get the suit for The Atom. This “announcement” comes in just after WETA’s involvement was announced. If the plug is pulled, that means WETA shot the project down. It may not have been the final nail in the coffin, but if it is so it is the last shovel to bury the coffin.

    I’d much rather see a Green Lantern Corps film or a solo Wonder Woman film.
    As would anyone else.

  9. I disagree that you have to cast actors that look like the character. Sure it helps, but if you set out to do that first and foremost it can lead to some bad casting decisions.

    I think it is oversimplifying the situation by saying they “got a great director amd cast people that seem too young”. They got a good director who has made a few kiddie flicks in the last two decades and cast some people with limited experience and range, all while two charcaters within the story are in the middle of their own franchises that are completely out of continuity.

  10. afterthought: strangely i can picture Pierce Brosnan as an aged Superman. if he buffed up a bit. Before i get any snide comments, picture Brosnan’s mug with a Superman haircut like Routh’s. his non-fakesounding American accent is just fine too.

  11. i hope this news proves true. this crap has been a mess since they announced it as a live-action movie.
    i too say go the Batman Vs Superman route & do a cinematic version of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. that’s assuming Miller licensed the rights out. i can see Rutger Hauer as the gritty aged Batman. cannot yet think of who would play Supes. i do not think ageing Routh would work.

    as for the other JLA’ers, i say stick with the original plan & film Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman. who cares if most of it takes place in WWII. she’s a fucking Amazon & they age well. i believe there was mention that the script ending has her in the now. let Ryan Reynolds do The Flash (if he won’t do the Namor movie) as intended & go from there as far as bringing in the other league members. done now.

  12. @vern
    no! the reason y were mad is because while the avengers sayd they wer gonna take their time making the movie and wait till all of the characters get an individual film so they can have those characters- JLA was rushing it and messing things up by casting people who look NOTHING like the JLA characters
    do me a favor and look up who were the actors they were going to use to make this film and then tell me this was going to be a great movie
    i dont hate JLA i dont hate DC i just want them to do it good and do it right and make me want to see it- something that so far, the avengers movie looks like its planning on doing

  13. What are the “every step of the way” decisions that have infuriated the fans? All we know is that they chose a great director, and are rumored to have chosen actors who seem too young. You fuckin comic book fundamentalists need to chill out for a minute. You’re ready to start lynching people based on no information at all. This is the Salem witch trials all over again except you guys are less religious and are wearing capes and wristbands.

  14. If you’ll remember, I was one of the first to say that JLA would collapse when it was announced back in late-September/early-October 2007!

    Having said that, I’m going to wait for an official announcement outta WB until I believe it. That…or just wait til February/March rolls arounds and nothing is still being said about JLA. Then, it becomes dead obvious that it’s been delayed and/or shit-canned.

    As much as I like Robert & Co. at IESB, their track-record (especially regarding JLA) has been spotty at best!

  15. @zeus
    i never really liked DC as much as i liked MARVEL but now that its obvious that the avengers is gonna be better (and ive proven my point) we can safetly say that marvel is officially better at making movies
    stan lees a genious…
    actually TDK is the only DC film i really wanna watch

  16. The problem seems to be that, without Justice League in 2009, WB have no other blockbusters for that year (certainly not to the level of the other studios), not even a Harry Potter film. That’s the reason for all the insanity i think.

    To be fair, X-Men 3 started prep in Feb 2005 and made it’s May 06 release date. It wasn’t the best film it could have been of course and i don’t think they should do that to JLA but think of the irony if WB suddenly decides they want the next Superman movie for summer 09 and Singer gets replaced again. It is possible. We might even get a Superman film that EVERYONE marginally enjoys.

  17. I really hope that WB is just exercising some patience and maybe taking notice of the Marvel business model and seeing how excited the fanbase is about it.

    There is so much hype surrounding Iron Man, Hulk and even Nick Fury(all it has is a lead role cast) are all being talked about with great optimism and excitement.

    Meanwhile DC has a great thing going with Nolans Batman, but nothing else. Superman performed below expectations besides being a good film and they cant seem to get on the same page about anything else.

    WB needs to take a breath, let TDK come out and kick butt and then get Superman going again and think about tying Christian Bales Batman into the story just as a little cameo to get people excited about it.

    They also need to find passionate and talented people to take the reigns of projects like Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern and let them run with it. Just make sure it lends itself to a world that all thses characters can coexist in. Thats the big thing, convincing WB that all these stories can be told through a “realistic” lense and dont have to be campy and zany or funny.

  18. I was about to get really excited, but I’m holding off ’til it is official.

    The thing about this movie is it was doomed from the start. Everything I have said before, I’ll sum up: Recasting characters that still have a franchise, hiring a director that hasn’t made an action movie for a long time, getting subpar young actors to play the superheroes, and do I need to explain more?

    The real GOOD QUALITY moneymaker is A Batman/Superman film. Its the absolute #1 crossover movie we all wanted just as Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason. All they need is to focus what the Superman sequel should be (hopefully more action) and keep Brandon Routh!

    The sooner JLA gets axed, the better both Batman and Superman franchises will be.

  19. OMG THE BIGGEST “I TOLD YOU SO” IN THE HISTORY OF MY 16 YEAR OLD LIFE!! i told u guys JLA was gonna suck and that the avengers will be better
    oh and doug…THIS IS THE NEWS OF THE DAY

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