The Blue Planet. The Animated Movie Time Forgot. (We Found a Trailer)

A long, long time ago… well, 6 years ago to be specific, in July 1998 – a studio called “Rainbow Studios” (which still exists based in Phoenix, Arizona: here) unveiled one of the coolest looking up-coming movie packages I had ever seen.

It was years ahead of “Final Fantasy” for being the first full-length computer animated movie that wasn’t aimed at kids. It took pride in the fact that it contained “no cute little bugs” and just had serious amounts of “ass-kicking” in it. And generally, for its time, the trailer was enough to rip the next week’s load right outta your chute.

Then, something happened.

It got pushed back (I hate that phrase.) Then it got pushed back more. Then, there was rumoured studio problems. The years rolled by… 2001.. Then Final Fantasy came out… hmmpppp… Mmmm…. [sorry, almost puked there]. We were told the film had some major setbacks, but was still in the works. Then, by June 2002, it was dead. Well, it was out of Rainbow Studio’s hands. The good folks at were curious little fellows, wrote the studio and got this in response:

From: Tiffany Scroggins
Thank you for your inquiry regarding “Blue Planet”, formerly known as “Deadly Tide”. Unfortunately, Rainbow is no longer directly involved with the project and we have no current information as to its future course
of development.

Thank you for your interest and support.

I have no idea what happened to this movie and don’t know of anyone else who does either. If Rainbow is no longer directly involved, does that mean somebody else is?
Rainbow went on to be assisting in the rumoured CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie — which also never took off. I believe Rainbow now does mostly video game stuff by the looks of their site.

WANNA SEE THE TRAILER THAT KICKED MY SAGGY-FLAPPER ALL THOSE YEARS AGO?? (Keep in mind, the CGI is more than 6 years old now and is from a very unfinished movie… this trailer is VERY hard to find.. this is the only one I was able to locate with reasonable effort.) THE MIGHTY TRAILER.
High-res Images: Click Here

Sigh I weep over the loss.

Wanna ask for yourself? Here’s their contact info.

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