Want some Batman spoilers?

Looking around the web today turned up the following tid bits from Dark Horizons about the upcoming Batman project. WARNING! THERE ARE SOME MILD SPOILERS AHEAD!

There’s no link or mention of the previous film’s events, this not only ignores them completely but restarts the franchise as its essentially an ‘origin’ movie which changes elements such as the ‘parents being shot’ and ‘how Bruce found the cave and took up the mantle’ subplots.

Despite the filming in London, almost all of the film is set around Gotham City (there’s no mention of London) though there’s numerous flashbacks to the past and early on the footage is set around a mountain monastery in China.

The first portion of the film swaps between flashbacks and the present. In the past we see stuff we’re all familiar with from the comics and earlier movies – Bruce as a child with his father Thomas Wayne, the famous alley shooting of his parents, being cared for by a younger Alfred, meeting regular beat cop Jim Gordon, etc. In the present its Wayne mano-a-mano fighting with Ducard whose ‘training/testing’ him as such for his master Ra’s Al-Ghul whose watching from the shadows. This is no doubt the sequence being filmed in Iceland at the start of production.

For more details you can read the whole article here.

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