Reality of Bad Animating Hits Disney in the Pink Secrets.

Yes, believe it or not, Disney and I agree on something. reports that the chief animator over at Disney says that the success of an animated movie “really depends on the filmmakers’ vision and story. The technique is a secondary consideration.” The “technique” in question being: “hand-drawn”, or computer animated. I couldn’t agree more. The issue was brought up because, for the first time, Disney is currently working on ZERO, that’s right ZERO Hand-drawn-animated movies. For the first time in decades.

Some people will say that’s because “consumer expectations are now driven by a new type of animation that has three dimensions” Jeffrey Logsdon, who’s an entertainment analyst says such things, as the imdb reports.

I disagree. Culture hasn’t “grown past” hand drawn stuff. Here’s my reasoning:
         1) Lion King sold 3 million DVD copies in two days, a new record. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like *somebody* still likes hand drawn stuff. Unless a billionaire is buying out all the copies himself and…
         2) The 3D animated movies that *are* being released are ACTUALLY, y’know.. GOOD!! Forget medium, when was the last time a solid hand-drawn animated blockbuster was released? (Besides Spirited Away, which Disney barely supported – don’t get me started) — Hand-Drawn stuff isn’t doing very well, because hardly anyone is giving me a reason to like it.

And, when it comes to Disney, especially as of late, the Hand-Drawn Stuff you’re making SUCKS. I’m sorry, but your glory days of: Alladin, Beauty and the Beast and Lion King TOWER over your recent years of: Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis, and Treasure Planet, I mean c’mon. The only recent and incredibly decent hand-drawn animated movie I can think of isn’t even made by Disney — it’s Iron Giant, which was marketed so poorly by Warner Bros., it makes my head bleed.

If you draw it, they will watch. Don’t believe the weirdos that say “culture’s advancing into…blahblahblah”. A three year old doesn’t care what dimensions it’s in. Believe it when that three year old tosses a crappy movie 10 feet when you try to play it in the DVD player. Because then, oh weary one, you’ve got a bad movie.

Now go watch Iron Giant.

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