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‘Empire Strikes Back’ writer is involved with upcoming ‘Star Wars’ films


With the plethora of news and rumors surrounding the upcoming “Star Wars” films, there has definitely been some dissension in regards to approval from the fans. We’ve heard rumors on the story, the cast, the directors, and much more, but this latest piece of news should appease all the fans. Just recently a deal was closed for former “Empire Strikes Back” co-writer, Lawrence Kasdan to be involved in writing one of the next installments.


Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have closed deals to write installments of the new Star Wars trilogy, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The pair will write either Episode VIII or Episode IX — their exact division of responsibilities is yet to be determined — and also will come aboard to produce the films.

The Hollywood Reporter


Although Kasdan is now tied to the films, it is still uncertain as to which film/s he will be tied to. I am just happy that they are going in the right direction by seeking out someone tied to the original trilogy. “Empire Strikes Back” is known as the best of the “Star Wars” franchise and that’s fact, not opinion. It makes me a bit more optimistic that there will be a proven writer on board, it shows that they care about the roots of the films. There may be disagreements about other aspects of the upcoming films, but I think this we can all agree upon.

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