Trailer: A Haunted House


I’ve mentioned that I have some interest in the Wayans family returning to the world of spoof comedy because, frankly, those guys can be pretty f’n funny in those things. The Scary Movie franchise started off really well thanks to their unique brand of comedy and spawned like 3 more sequels even after they moved on. In this new film they’re spoofing the “found footage” genre with Paranormal Activity appearing to be their main source of inspiration. Check out their new trailer below to see how this film measures up to their previous efforts:



Some parts are funnier than others, but there’s definitely potential. There are some things I really like and some that I don’t but it’s hard for me to really gauge all of the jokes that are in this trailer. I’m not dissuaded although I’m not completely sold either. Yes, this film has managed a spot on my radar but the signal is pretty weak. That’s all for now…


Via: The L.A.M.B.



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