Gwyneth Paltrow is getting too old for this Comic Book movie shit


I love Gwyneth Paltrow. I can’t quite narrow down whether it’s her impressive acting ability or her incredibly regal name but there’s something about this woman that resonates with me quite well. I was shocked and elated that she actually got involved with a comic book related film when she signed on to portray Pepper Potts in Iron Man and even happier to see her continue the role in this years “Avengers” movie and considering that she’s already filmed like 4 films in the Marvel universe I didn’t expect to see her relinquish the role… like… ever. So some schmuck quizzed her about Avengers 2 while she was out and about promoting a completely different movie and gave a quite candid response about returning for the sequel:


I just came off of ‘Iron Man 3,’ which is as special effects-y and action-y as it gets, so to do something like [‘Thanks For Sharing’] where it’s really small, funny and exciting, is really great,” she explained. “I don’t know [about returning for ‘The Avengers’ sequel], I’m getting old for this sh*t.

ALl this time I’d been concerned abotu Robert Downey Jr as he’s like 47 and seems to be milking a lot of money out of the studios with each appearance, so I’m kinda shocked that 40 year old Paltrow feels this way. Hell, Amy Adams is in her 40’s and she’s just starting to get involved in the whole comic movie business in “Man of Steel”. Does she really feel like she’s getting old or is this comic related stuff simply beneath her? It’s hard to imagine a woman like her wandering the halls of the San Diego Comic Con, so maybe she’s just had her fill of exposure to nerd-sweat. Either way I hope Marvel is paying attention and looking for possible replacements cus she seems to have made it clear that the clock is ticking…


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