Anne Hathaway singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ in Les Miserables teaser


Anne Hathaway can sing. Seriously, she’s been doing it since she was a child so it’s with great excitement that she joined the cast of Les Miserables. Here is clip from the film of her singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’.



Via: Indiewire

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9 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ in Les Miserables teaser

  1. EZstreet, I followed your link and I don’t think I have the knowledge to enjoy the music being described there. How would I, or why would I as a casual listener? Whatever the music or singing, I cannot fall back on a fount of knowledge, nor do I particularly want to. I, like most of the unwashed, like what I hear because of the emotional response it evokes in me–not because the tonal resonance was dead on.
    Why should you decry the audience’s acceptance of mediocrity when the criteria for determining the difference between good and excellent is not withing he scope of their knowledge or experience? I listened to Hathaway’s performance and did not detect that she sang our of tune. My discernment must be lacking in some way, at least according to you.
    I have listened to opera, and for the most part I do not like it, even though I deeply enjoy classical music. I feel the singing is far too overdone, regardless of its technical and tonal perfection. So, does that invalidate my opinion or render it worthless and misinformed? I don’t think so and I will not apologize for my acceptance of supposed mediocrity. What I enjoy is driven by my response to it, not what a critic tells me my response should be.

  2. uh no, girlfriend sounds terrible. Her intonation is all over the place, and she goes from sobbing mutterings to half choked yelps. Sorry but I’m sick of Hollywood and the music industry not having any standards whatsoever when it comes to singing ability.

    1. @ezstreet … um. She’s getting into the emotion of the song. Are you serious? Do you know anything about Les Mis? Les Mis is a piece of art, & she is just bringing justice to it. For Fantine to sing this song in a way people would describe “pretty,” it would put the entire meaning of this song to complete shame. Anne brings truth through this song, she doesn’t sugarcoat it. It’s absolutely, entirely, 100% beautiful.

      1. @13acem it’s also out of tune. They should have hired a singer who can convey the emotion and sing in tune. This is a great post about the rewarding of mediocrity that is going on with this movie:

        1. I thought she did a great job ACTING the part. Sure there are way more talented singers out there, but the emotions she displayed in the movie conveyed the character very well. I like certain acting points in the song, like where she starts off almost whispering like a child, because she is remembering an innocent time, and where she gets angry at certain moments because they took that away from her. You are entitled to your opinion, but I found her performance very moving. @ezstreet @13acem

    2. @ezstreet You need to see it in the context of the movie. I just saw it tonight and I’ve never seen such a gut-wrenching performance on screen as she delivered when singing that song. I have a musical theater son, so I’m pretty hard to impress and pretty critical – but this was incredible. Hitting the notes – which she pretty much did – was secondary to the emotions of the moment that she was conveying. Please don’t judge till you see it – and if you DON’T see it, you’re missing out

    3. @ezstreetYou’re a fool. It’s not a show choir, it’s Les Miserables. How inauthentic you would have it! The “choked yelps” are ABSOLUTELY contextual to a character who’s despair is likely far greater than any of us would (let alone could) ever bear. Anne will be nominated for Best Supporting Actress for this. Mark my word. Her performance is haunting.

    4. @ezstreet You’re a fool. It’s not a show choir, it’s Les Miserables. How inauthentic you would have it! The “half choked yelps” are absolutely contextual for a character who’s despair is greater than anything we would (let alone could) bear. Watch the film, try not to sob, and show me a better casting.

  3. Les Miserable looks like it is shaping up to be pretty sweet. They have a pretty awesome cast and the fact that Hathaway’s talent will be present bodes very well for this film. I am not into the idea of her as Catwoman due to her lack of ability to be intimidating, but here she looks fantastic. This is why it is jarring to see her cast as a superhero villain. She just comes off as lame in the Dark Knight trailer.

    Maybe she will be surprising though. I don’t know if she has the range to venture out of movies like this one. 

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