No more Sam Witwicky?

We’ve been aware that Transformers 4 will be a very different film than the last 3 Transformers films. It’ll still have Michael Bay as director but we’ve heard rumors going as far as stating that Jason Statham would take over as the human face of the franchise. That might still be up in the air but there were some wondering that if Michael Bay was coming back then there was still a possibility of the return of Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky. Today we find out that LaBaouf is definitely out and Dark of the Moon looks to be his last hurrah with the robots in disguise.

Paramount Pictures’ President of Production Adam Goodman also confirmed that Shia LaBeouf will definitely not return for the franchise’s next installment.

That seems pretty final as far as LaBeouf is concerned and leaves the door wide open for new directions and possibilities. Maybe they’ll recast and Statham will in fact play an older Witwicky? They didn’t say No Witwicky, just no LaBeouf. Maybe they’ll focus on the giant robots that make up the title of the franchise? No, I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon. Geeks would geek and it would set nerd-endings afire but let’s be honest and admit that mainstream America does not want to see giant robots alone duke it out on the big screen. That just doesn’t make any $en$e. Maybe they’ll feature the same robots but in a completely new setting and approach? New supporting cast and everything. It’s too early to tell at this time as LaBeouf is the only one who wanted out and is confirmed to be out. Heck even Tyrese wants to come back and had faith in Michael Bay’s return. I’m sure some of those other solider dudes in the movie wouldn’t mind the ‘slosions ans ‘splosive sized checks.

Me? I’d prefer a reboot. There’s gonna be a human supporting cast and it’s unavoidable so let’s at least hope for some talented actors and maybe some improved engaging stories. Wait… Ehren Kruger is coming back as writer? Ok so maybe we can still get talented actors/actresses… *crosses fingers*

Via: Collider

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