Erik Stalks Twitter Part 1


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Explaining a joke title instantly makes it not funny but lets pretend that isn’t the case.

I have a fairly warped sense of humor definitely not for everyone but surely someone might get a laugh from my “strange” titles and silly segments. Now that I have effectively lost most of the readers ( golf clap ) let’s break it down.

Erik Stalks a follower part 1 and future parts based on how well received this post is will focus on Twitter. This is something we want to improve as ¬†currently our presence on Twitter is was not much more than a repost function for those of you who like to get your updates for TMB via Twitter. Nothing wrong with that but there is an abundance of talent or at the very least interesting “tweets”. But most of all I feel TMB’s presence should and can be larger, at a pitiful 700ish followers im sure there are pets and inanimate objects besting us.

If you interact with us in someway @tmb_tweets and it might end up here in a “stalker” post that’s the jist of it.

Now without further ado or justification here is the first “stalking”, cannot remember how I found this but I retweeted it after watching. It is wierd its interesting but most of all it held my attention for the entire duration, transfixed on this unusual short.


ARC TO VEGA from John DeFazio

@DEF_AZ_IO_ on twitter is behind this (to me) awsome short.

If you read this post and not only watched the video (which is fine) do tell me what you think of this segment, dumb, great. ¬†Doesn’t matter what you have to say, just say it. Show Anthony that his actual hard work on finding the right commenting system has not been for nothing!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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