Lucas Pulls The Plug On Cantina’s Happy Hour!

Every now and then I stumble across a little story I’d like to share. In this case, a breaking news story of sorts concering a NY bar called the Wicked Monk. Seems they were planning a Star Wars shin-dig and were only charging for drinks. They wouldn’t allow any ‘droids, though, and Lucas put the kibbosh on it.

The Brooklyn Paper has the story:

Bay Ridge sci-fi lovers were ready to take up blasters and charge the Skywalker Ranch after Star Wars creator George Lucas took a light saber to a modest movie marathon night honoring his famed film franchise at a Fifth Avenue bar.

Organizers had planned to screen all six Star Wars movies in succession at the Wicked Monk between 84th and 85th Streets last Sunday during a 13-hour bender which would have also featured a costume contest and drink specials specific to each movie in the saga.

But when George Lucas found out, his company fired off an immediate cease-and-desist order.

The bar puts on a mini-film fest of sorts every month, screening such cult and fan favorites such as A Clockwork Orange, Kill Bill and The Warriors. They don’t cover charge to see the film. They make money off food and drink. It’s not like Wicked Monk (I like that name; can you tell?) had planned this on the spur of the moment, they planned it for months. When is the plug pulled? Just before it starts. I don’t know if they still held the costume contest; hopefully a few of those poor folks can save the getups for next week at SDCC.

C’mon George, let em’ drink, be merry and watch your movies. Throw beers and ‘tata chips at Jar Jar Binks. (Editors Note: Darren is not suggesting Lucasfilm does not have the right, but “for the fans” they might grant them permission for this public showing. This is not endorsing or promoting piracy)
Anyway…here’s something to put a smile on your face, all you Wicked Monks out there. A toast to you.


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15 thoughts on “Lucas Pulls The Plug On Cantina’s Happy Hour!

    1. These people are benefiting financially from Lucas’ work. Why do they think they can use the fans to make money without paying the copyright holder?

      Lucas LOVES star wars fans. He does a lot to share in the excitement of the franchise. But that’s not what is happening here and it is not a reflection of Lucas’ feelings toward his fans.

    1. That statement is a bunch of crap. Provided you are not attempting to build an event around it where you financially benefit, or hold a public screening open to anyone, there is NOTHING illegal about viewing your copy in your home with your friends.

      You are over reacting to a completely legal and legitimate claim made by Lucasfilm’s legal department.

  1. If some idiot drinks for 13 hours and gets behind the wheel and kills a family of 4 the headline is “Star Was Drunkfest Turns Deadly!”

    I get why Lucas would be reticent. He’s usually really cool to fan events and tributes. This was where his team needed to crack the whip.

  2. I agree that its pretty petty….I thought it was unlawfull to charge people to see the film not for booze…

    What about sports bars and such…

    Lucas is alway watching you I guess.

      1. Nothing to do with protecting “corporate interests of Lucasfilm” – this is their right, just as it is for ANY copyright holder.

        This event plans on benefitting finacially on the screening and participation of a copyright work. Has nothing to do with who owns it – it is owned.

        The FBI warning they intended to show before each screening clearly indicates that public exhibition of the film is prohibited without permission of the copyright holder.

        1. But there are licenses one can obtain if they want a public showing of a given film. Usually one has to pay for those rental licenses.

          That said, the owners of said films could still revoke those rights at any time, if I’m not mistaken.

          The problem wasn’t just limited to the screenings, but using Star Wars related mastheads and/or fonts in the flyers as well.

          Maybe they were better off showing the Ewok TV flicks…

  3. Hey, Darren! There are three partners that produce and host “Movie and Music Night” every month… their names are Mike CCD, Bianca Sunshine and Papa James. The Wicked Monk just allows them to use their space (which is a pretty cool venue, I might add) It’s ALWAYS a great party and one of the best things about it is that it’s FREE.

  4. It’s stupid and petty. The Star Wars movies have been seen by just about every person on earth and bought 4 times over. The kind of people going in costume have probably given Lucas $100’s of dollars on a wide range of merchandise and movie tickets.

    However, I know why they have to do it. If they don’t stop this one, and perhaps a couple other events, they will allow a precedent. Then when a larger event comes along that they feel is really infringing then they will have an uphill battle, legally with it.

    So, they pretty much have too, according to their lawyers. I don’t agree that it’s the right way to handle it though, just explaining it as I see it.

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