Hugh Jackman will NOT be the Huntsman

Either this is an incredibly difficult role or there’s something about this movie that’s scaring away top actors as Hugh Jackman is now the latest name that was rumored and then dismissed for the role of Kirsten Stewarts Huntsman.

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Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender have all been linked to the role of the Huntsman over the pasts few months, with Viggo Mortensen getting closest to joining the film, and now according to The Wrap negotiations with Hugh Jackman have ended following an offer last week. Jackman is most likely getting ready to shoot The Wolverine later this year.

Terrible news for fans hoping to see Jackman take on the role but fantastic for those of use holding out hope to see a great Wolverine movie sooner rather than later.

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2 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman will NOT be the Huntsman

  1. For this guys sake, and for us fans of Wolvie: I hope it’s a better film than Origins, If not we probally wont see Hugh as Wolverine again. and that’s a shame. Dude did a great job on the character and although he’s taller than the Logan we know in the comics, it goes without sayin’ that Jackman’s Wolverine is the Best casting since Christopher Reeve’s Superman IMO.

    just sayin’

  2. I think it might have more to do with Wolverine, which if it is, something tells tells me Duncan Jones meeting with Fox, Jackman, Marvel and Donner and whoever else connected to Wolverine is going to be on a positive note.

    All the other actors mentioned have other projects and a window could not be found for this role. It may have nothing to do with the quality of the part. There are some films that take years to get made-and turn out to be gems.

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