Child’s Play Reboot back on at MGM

Hard to believe that once upon a time, MGM/UA dumped the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise because they didn’t want horror films. The lackluster sequels got more corny and campy at Universal/Rogue until they even parodied itself with Seed Of Chucky. Universal has given the franchise rights back to MGM, and guess what happens next. That’s right (well, the first clue was the headline, right?) MGM is rebooting Child’s Play.Movieweb gives us the news:

The remake had been in development for several years, with a script already written by Don Mancini, who also wrote all the previous movies in the Chucky franchise. The hold-up on the remake was apparently due to rights issues by MGM and Universal. MGM has the rights to the original Child’s Play, while Universal retained rights to the sequels. Apparently, a deal has been made between the two studios.

Production is said to begin on the remake sometime later this year, with Brad Dourif returning to voice Chucky. This new project is said to be more of a reboot, with a darker tone and less comedic elements ,

I’m going under the impression that, with the intention of bringing back Dourif as the voice of Chucky, that it isn’t an entire remake-reboot. Maybe the idea is to simply ignore Child’s Plats 2 and 3, Bride and Seed. Otherwise, it really isn’t a reboot-remake. Folks recast Freddy from Elm Street, re-imagined Micheal Myers and good ol’ Jason. Y’all follow me here? Yes, technically, Brad Dourif has an ace to play as he only was onscreen in the opening reel of the original 1988 film (and the BEST of all of the Chucky movies-although Seed’s self mockery had some brownie points) and was only a voice actor for the series ever since. But the coffin humor worked well for the original- and a returning actor in the iconic role? I’m not so sure if I’d call it a remake or reboot. I don’t know what to call it but a sequel.

No matter. Chucky is coming back at you very shortly.
Anyone else want to see the killer Good Guy doll back on the screens?

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5 thoughts on “Child’s Play Reboot back on at MGM

  1. Replace Chucky doll with “Tickle me” Elmo doll….THEN you have my attention!

    Now thats a Movie! (picture it: Elmo waving the Bowie Knife around cause somebody accidently flushed his goldfish(Dorothy) down the toilet, Buckets of blood everywhere!!!!)

    Just Sayin’

  2. Most would agree that the movies got progressively worst with each sequel. With the movie have the same guy who wrote the last series, coming back to write the remake is there any reason at all to be excited about this movie? Even with the ever-popular “darker tone” promise we get with every remake announced. I’ll probably catch it on HBO or as a Red Box rental.

  3. I saw Chucky for the first time when I was 3, because my older sister’s a jerk. He kind of creeps me out (or at least he did in the first couple movies), but I really like Brad Dourif, and it seems like there’s always a market for these films, so roll on, Chucky!

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