Captain America-First Look at The Cosmic Cube

So, who wants a look at the Cosmic Cube in the new Captain america film? Of course you lot do! The guys at io9 found this image in the latest SFX magazine, and, while it doesn’t show much, I’m sure you guys will like any glimpse of the film. Now, I’m only new to the Captain comics, so I’m not entirely sure what the cube does… Care to fill me in?

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3 thoughts on “Captain America-First Look at The Cosmic Cube

  1. The Cosmic Cube was said to have the power to shape reality, however most who possess it have gone insane.

    Its a good object of power to have the badguy go after as it was part of the earliest stories of Captain America and Red Skull, but also because it has significance with other characters as well giving opportunity for it to cross over into other franchises.

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