Breaking down the Iron Man 2 Trailer

In case you are like me, and did not dissect every single Iron Man 2 frame from the trailer, IGN does this for us. It also does a really good job of explaining all the character for those who are not totally familiar with the story.

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12 thoughts on “Breaking down the Iron Man 2 Trailer

  1. I like the breakdown of the trailer. Pulled my attention to a few elements I missed. But I don’t think the reviewers have ever read the comics that this movie is based off of. A lot of the Iron Man world in these movies have been “compressed to fit in the time allotted.” And granted that’s how they manage to compress 20+ years worth of story lines into two (so far) movies.

    As far as the scene where Tony’s examining his chest and we see the circuit pattern, it’s based on a story line from the comics where he had been shot (by a crazy assed ex girlfriend) and it had done massive damage to his spine. He had a nano type implant that allowed him to make use of his damaged nervous system. Instead of working to make his damaged nervous system better, he abused the technology and over used the Iron Man armor causing a similar condition to occur in the comics.

    The old back issues are pretty cheap at any comics shop. Lots of good reading. (Story I refer to takes place in the 90’s. That’s also when War Machine made it’s debut.) It was later on they had most of the plot with the government wanting the Iron Man Armor, theft, and the government building their own powered suits.

    The movies are great, and they have a limited time to tell a compelling story, but if you are interested in all the elements and where they got them from, I highly recommend the comics.

    Also if you want more cool insights on the armor, check out the Iron Manual.

  2. Ok, I finally just watched the Iron Man 2 trailer and I though it was pretty good, but why on God’s green Earth are so many people acting as if the trailer is so perfectly put together? Everywhere I look droves of people are saying something along the lines of “perfect trailer” or “now that’s how a trailer is made, take note” (those types of comments are only 2nd to the deeply intelligent “I just jizzed” line). I know, essentially all you need to do is put a classic rock song in your trailer to get a certain group of people screaming “that wuz badass eat shit haterz”, but am I the only one who thinks the trailer itself is nothing more than most other trailers out there? Yeah the subject matter may get you all giddy, but if Iron Man wasn’t already so popular would they be saying “best trailer of teh decade!!!”???

    1. By the way, this isn’t aimed at anyone here, I haven’t seen the comments for the Iron Man 2 trailer post on TMB yet. Just questioning what I’ve seen on other sites like

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