Uwe Boll to bring us Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer

Uwe Boll is getting his name back in the media after a little break from the Boll overkill. And now he is going to perform miracles. It isn’t his promise to make a good movie, he always thinks he is doing that and is not shy to talk about it.

He is creating life out of nothing. If I am not mistaken Bloodrayne is the only Boll video game film to get a sequel – Because there was a second game. And now where there is no third game to base another film on, Boll is just going to run with it anyways!

The simplest answer is, Uwe Boll. Maybe it’s the fact that the original Rayne, Kristanna Loken is coming back. My question arises again, why? There’s no third game so there’s not a plot, of course you can come up with one, but Boll isn’t just anyone.

While Kirstanna Loken is easy on the eyes and will be returning to the skimpy outfits and gratuitous violence.

The subtitle Warhammer is another game franchise, so the title Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer offers some confusion but it might also have to do with the lack of a plot so we have no clue what Warhammer might mean.

But is it a Video Game adaptation if its not based on an existing game but still has the same character?

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19 thoughts on “Uwe Boll to bring us Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer

  1. I have to say, I liked the first movie better. But that might have something to do with my obsession with the corsettes, and dresses and 1700-century at all. And I just love Kristanna Lokens movies. I think she is a good actress, although that is just my personal view of things. And when I have seen one movie with special actors, I can’t stand a sequel without them in the castings. So, I’m very happy that Kristanna gets a second chance. T.T I love you, Kristanna!!! Sorry about that, I had a sudden fangirl-obsession. Well, I’m looking forward to seeing the third movie. But now, I’m expecting a lot of blood and vampire-ness. And let us not forget about the talismans in this movie. In the first movie, she has absorbed the eye and heart, and then she has a brown and a blue eye. But in the second, she only has two brown eyes. And honestly, I am very dissapointed at such a flaw! Well, now I’ve written too much! But I’m still looking forward to the third movie! Bye!

  2. This is sad. I hope someone else gets rights to BloodRayne, makes a completely new movie simply titled “BloodRayne” and completely retcons all the work of Bolls.

  3. Actually both House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark had sequels. Didn’t see Alone 2 but House 2 was quite decent, but although better than the first it wasn’t half as funny!

  4. LOL, I still haven’t seen the first Bloodrayne and totally forgot they made a 2nd one. I mean I think I saw one little thing on some site about the 2nd film, but that was it, I wasn’t even sure it really came out.

    Couple of my friends have told me the first movie wasn’t bad and had some cool stuff in it, but then again, they’ve liked allot of video game movies I could barley even stand watching once.

    I want to say that a 3rd movie will be pointless. The 2nd one came and went faster then you can say it’s title. I’m sure part 3 will suffer the same fate, especially since it’s Boll once again at the helm, and most everything he drives seems to become an instant train wreck.

    This could be just him running out of projects, namely game movie ones, since no else will let him have the movie rights to their video games any more.

    I guess at least Block Buster will have one more super awful B movie to add to it’s store shelves??

      1. Maybe she should consider a new career then? hahaha…or, maybe she’s bummed because Boll movies are all she can get? There’s always two sides to every story rodney. :)

      2. Well besides starring in Uwe Boll movies she has made quite the living off of the SYFY channel doing exclusive SYFY movies and she also had a short lived tv series. Hell, its still better than grinding out a 60 hour work week behind a desk or some other crap job.

        She is no A-List actor but she certainly keeps herself busy with work. I guess her one big claim to fame was being a Terminator.

  5. I am no expert on film, not even a great speller, but i am amazed at the bull that gets put in film while well desired works of entertainment get left on the floor. I think bloodrayne 1 was enough, even if hottie mick hot hot was in the movie.

    1. I liked the first Bloodrayne movie, the ending kinda left me clueless and didn’t really say anything but it didn’t spoil the movie for me. I didn’t really care for the 2nd movie at all, it was like a horrible b movie that had lousy scripts, lousy sets and zero direction.

      I would watch a third movie if it went back to its European roots with the castles/period genre etc. and the World War II German idea definitely has me interested if true.

      1. I remember some time ago, I read it in an interview. He also said he wouldn’t do it unless he got Loken back. Obviously he did, so he is. So perhaps the WWII German idea is true.

        I’m just hoping that this one actually hits Blu-Ray. I even went as far as to import the first film on Blu-Ray thanks to Germany. I still need the second one.

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