Bill “Hopalong” Cassidy Gets A Resurrection

Hopalong Cassidy 1The hundred plus year old Cassidy is set to ride anew! We get news of this coyboy’ s return thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

Producer Mark Canton (300) is teaming with Pterodactyl Productions on a pair of big screen projects that include a film about iconic cowboy character and B-movie Western staple Bill “Hopalong” Cassidy, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Created in 1904 by writer Clarence E. Mulford, the Cassidy character appeared as a rough-talking galoot in a series of popular stories and novels before segueing to the big screen in 1935 as a clean-cut hero. William Boyd played the character in 66 films throughout the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. Affectionately known by millions as “Hoppy,” the character also spawned comic books, radio serials and the first network TV Western series. Cassidy also became the first image to be featured on a lunchbox.

I didn’t know that Hopalong was the first image on a lunch box. I’m sure that questions waiting for me somewhere on a Trivial Pursuit card; and now the answer is mine!

I dislike most remakes, but this character seems to have been re-invented so many times that it’s part of his nature. Cassidy’s like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but is in desperate need of a reintroduction to this generation; soon his return will come, and may it be triumphant!

I hope in this incarnation Bill Cassidy returns to his “rough-talking galoot” days. I know very little about this character, but I’m all for a film about a galoot. I also love that the backers call themselves Pterodactyl Productions. Putting a dinosaur into your business name will get respect out of me every time.

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3 thoughts on “Bill “Hopalong” Cassidy Gets A Resurrection

  1. I’m really looking forward to this.

    While it could be interesting to see them return Bill Cassidy to his galoot roots, it won’t exactly be original or new.

    Every action hero of the last two decades seems to have been a rough talking, attitude plus anti-hero.

    I’m just bored with anti-heroes.

    I’d really love to see Cassidy done as a clean cut, humble, William Boyd-esque kind of guy who kicks the crap out of a tought talking, dirty, no good varmints.

    I’d like to see a squeeky clean guy beat up the badass for a change.

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