The Spirit Trailer

The studio has released the first official version of The Spirit trailer. Check it out here:

Ok… what was that?!?! Is it just me or could you actually see the glue holding on Samuel L Jackson’s sideburns? I know this is Frank Miller’s first actually directing gig… but wow… that was a mess. From day 1 I said I had a bad feeling about this movie… and this trailer just enforces that.

HOWEVER… I will say the trailer had its moments. “Just shut up and bleed” was a great line. What did you guys think of it?

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31 thoughts on “The Spirit Trailer

  1. I think watchment will win over the spirit, because, watchmen has a real directing… an the spirit it jus frank miller.. who’s no clue with directing…

  2. it’s not his fault. after sin city and 300, there’s nothing left in this style to impress us anymore. i even thought the watchmen trailer looked boring and unispiring (though it did look better than this).

  3. Having watched it in HD, I think the sideburns are some kind of impromptu disguise that his character may throw on, which could explain why the glue is so painfully visible. In the rest of the trailer, he’s clean-shaven. Even so, it is pretty tacky-looking.

  4. I watched this a few days ago and honestly it didn’t get me very excited for the film. One of my friends went ga-ga over it, so I gave it another view, yep, still felt the same. I’ve now given it a third shot and honestly, I feel on the border of mediocre/disinterest in this flick.

    John, it’s not just you — Samuel L’s sideburns are AWFUL. Shit, with my little experience of make-up could have done a better job.

  5. well, MUCH better than the teaser. i actually mite want 2 c this movie now. but, ok Frank Millers taking someone elses work and revamping it twice? wat the hell happened to Sin City 2? shuldnt Miller work on finishing one of his own projects, rather than openly borrowing from a colleague?

  6. frank miller is passed his prime as a comic writer as well as a director. i think his talents are way more suited to animation and not a live action mix. i would never pay to see this movie in a million years.

    although i’d probably steal it online, like millions of others. he’s the goddamn millman. oh yea. i went there.

  7. I thought the trailer was very sloppy, didn’t inform the viewer of anything except alotta visual and special effects. Looks like a mix of watchmen and 300 and Sin City rolled into one. I think it would have been better to have to make the film real/sureal instead of this visual comic style. One film (Sin City) is enough for me.

  8. Well, if that had been my first introduction to The Spirit, I’m sure I would ignore the movie completely. From the trailer, the only story you really get is that there’s a man who sleeps with a lot of women then gets shot at. Captivating, huh?

    All that said, I still will probably see it as I did enjoy Sin City which was done in a similar style.

  9. Hmmm…I did not like it at all.

    The thing is, if I saw that trailer randomly with a cast that I don’t know, I would’ve thought that it’s a college project.

  10. That’s probably the biggest “wtf was that?” trailer i’ve ever seen. I think i’ll have to wait for the reviews on this one before i decide to see it.

    The ‘Watchmen’ trailer on the other hand looks fan-bloody-tastic.

  11. I’m surprised you thought it was that awful. Personally, it looks pretty entertaining from what this shows. Yes, a lot of people are going to say it looks like a Sin City clone and I’d partially agree with them, but is that such a bad thing? Sam Jackson still looks like he’s going to kick some major ass in this one, and the chicks are deadly hot, so what’s not to like?

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