Heather Graham Signs On For Son Of Mourning

69 Heather GrahamHeather Graham is onboard for the indy film Son Of Mourning, that will be directed by Yavin Ras from a screenplay that he birthed himself. Other names pinned to the project currently include Joeseph Cross, Barbara Hershey and Tim Curry. We get the following plot outline from the movieweb:

The film revolves around an international climate crisis. Cross plays a dissatisfied copy ad writer that returns home to mediate his parents’ divorce. While visiting their resort town in Florida, he is mistaken for the Messiah.

More movies about the coming climate change apocalypse are going to start coming out way, and I am fine with this. Post-Apocalyptic films are quite possibly my favorite and I will take all I can get. I am not sure how much of the movie will focus on the “climate crisis” but I hope it is full on apocalyptic.

I am confused with the above synopsis. It seems like 3 sentences for three different movies were pinned together. This does not bother me, the movie could be an ecclectic mix of character driven tradgedy in the midst of an impending doom. The messiah angle is certainly a curve-ball, but if the messiah was born to be a copy ad writer – who am I to stop him?

Heather Graham has been appreciated by myself since she whored it up in Boogie Nights. She has a great “wholesome” look, and should be a fantastic addition to this project.

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4 thoughts on “Heather Graham Signs On For Son Of Mourning

  1. I had to chuckle over the “I’d watch Heather Graham read the telephone book” comment left by Nicolaas…I have the exact same comment, although mine is in regard to Tim Curry. I’d show up and pay to listen to that man read anything…the telephone book, a laundry list, whatever. Best voice I’ve ever heard!

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