J.Lo wants to be called Jennifer

j-lo3.jpgYou don’t have to be a long time reader of The Movie Blog to know what I think of Jennifer Lopez. She is the poster girl for the “famous for being famous” club. A mediocre actress at best who for some reason generates huge buzz with just about anything she touches. But I digress…

I remember shaking my head when I first heard she was “changing” her name to J.Lo. It was one of the more ridiculous PR moves I’ve seen in a while and just screamed “hey, look at me! Look at me!” I guess she just felt the need to follow in ex-boyfriend Puff Daddy/P-Diddy/Who-the-hell-cares-iddy footsteps. Now however, the media machine that is IMDB is reporting that J.L…errr… I mean, JENNIFER, is tired of the J.Lo label and wants everyone to stop calling her “J.Lo”. Ummm… did you just tell us just a couple of years ago to call you that?!? Oh well, give the girl some credit, going back to her actual name (if that is indeed her name) is a good move.

**UPDATE** – This just in, Jennifer Lopez has put out a press release informing the media she now wishes to be refered to as “Kinky Jennifer McSkinGirl.Lo-Diddy” She apologized for the quick change of mind, but said she would make it up to the public by releasing more bad movies and showing even more cleavage in 2005. Man, Jennifer just keeps giving.

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One thought on “J.Lo wants to be called Jennifer

  1. I love Jennifer Lopez. I don’t care what she changes her name to, it doesn’t matter to me. Her movies are ok and her singing is great. I love to dance to her music.

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