Remember this name: James Franco

jamesfranco.jpgJames Franco, the young actor who plays Harry (Peter Parker’s best friend) in the Spider-Man films, is suddenly a very hot commodity in Hollywood, and deservedly so. Not only does he give first rate performances to this background character, but he has the “look” of a legitimate Hollywood leading man. I saw Spider-man 2 again tonight, and every time Franco was on the screen the female friend I was with just swooned‚Ķ as did many of the women in the crowd. According to the internet movie database, Franco has no less than FIVE films in the works to be released over the next 2 years! That a busy schedule.

Mark my words‚Ķ this kid is going to be a major star within the next 3 years. He appears to have all the tools, he’s got the looks, and most importantly it looks like he’s getting the breaks. All I’m missing is the breaks.

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13 thoughts on “Remember this name: James Franco

  1. He reminded you of American Psycho? It’s the TEETH!!! Christian Bale had the same TEETH that Franco bares when he slaps Tobey Maguire’s character at the Planetarium Party!! I know Franco’s worn braces and I swear Bale also had something major done to his chompers a few years ago. His teeth used to be very crooked and he’d never show them when he smiled, now they are much different. Am I the only one to have noticed this?

  2. James Franco.You have been touched by some very fine talent and not to mention good looks. I just love watching you act in Spiderman 2 to see you pull those cute facial expressions.I’d love to meet you or hear from you one day. You don’t know how much of a big fan I am.
    I’t would be a previllage to meet you.

  3. hi
    james , i hope u’r fine .
    u’r my favourite actor, i saw ur movies
    ur movies r good i like ur movies alot
    u’r the best actor, i like u so much
    take care! bye bye
    from erika

  4. James Franco once portrayed James Dean (can’t remember if it was a TV movie or not). He has the acting skills & talent, as well as an intensity you don’t see often in actors of his age group. If you get the chance, catch Franco as Dean – excellent performance.

  5. I agree,james Franco was very very very very handsome in Spider man 2 I couldn;t take my eyes off him.Right when i saw him I gasped out loud.

  6. James Franco is the one of my favorite actors,ever since the show Freaks and Geeks he has gotten even hotter since the first movie of Spiderman. I couldn’t stop thinking of how cute he was during Spiderman 2.

  7. Yeah, I’ve been a fan of Franco since ‘Freaks & Geeks’ too! That show is amazing. Got the limited edition DVD set a few months back. Watched every episode once already. Soooo good.

  8. Well, if he was in Freaks and Geeks, he gets my vote.

    Looking forward to Spiderman 2, despite not having seen the first one all the way through yet.

  9. I’ve been following Franco since Freaks and Geeks, which is one of my favorite shows ever. The guy is an incredible actor and is definitely going places.

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